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13 Fun Ways to Spoil Your Dog Rotten | For Good Boys+Girls Only


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how to dog happy

Most owners look for more ways to make their dog happy. We’re guessing you are too.

In this post, we outline 13 ways you can spoil your dog just like he deserves 🙂

#1 Give Her an Over-the-Top Birthday

how to spoil dog, things to do with dog

Birthdays aren’t just for humans! If you want to spoil your pup, plan an elaborate birthday party for her. Invite all of her closest dog and human friends. Buy her some fun gifts and actually wrap them. Encourage her to open the gifts and end the party with a delicious doggy birthday cake. You can even create gift bags to send home with the dogs. Check out Binky’s Birthday Bash for more cute ideas.


#2 Dog Massage

Dogs like being pet, but they love massages too! Using your fingers, you can deeply knead the skin and fur on her back. Your pup also may enjoy a neck massage too. Learn the technique here. We should also mention that there are also professional dog massagers!


#3 Human-Like Furniture

ways to spoil your dog, things to do with dog

Instead of the traditional dog bed, amp it up with human furniture in a dog size. There are so many comfortable and fun options that it’s hard to choose, but pick something that fits your dog’s personality. For example, an adventurer pup might like a dog treehouse. A dog who thinks she’s royal will love an enchanted sofa. If your canine likes to bury herself in blankets, this bed will be perfect for her. Or there’s dog beds that look like actual beds.

how to spoil dog, things to do with dog

#4 Rhinestone Collar

ways to spoil your dog, things to do with dog

If your dog is a little princess, she’ll look even more the part with a rhinestone collar. You can get a traditional collar or a beautiful pendant necklace collar. Your dog will look richer than you!


#5 Dogcation

how to spoil dog, things to do with dog

You love vacations, but so does your dog! Visit another city close to you where there’s areas you walk your dog or go for hikes. Find a pet-friendly hotel, and you’re set! If you don’t want to spend money on a hotel, consider taking her for a day road trip. If you don’t drive, just take him around to new places in the city for a day.


#6 Teach Him a Trick

how to spoil dog, things to do with dog

Sure, learning is work, but it’s also fun because your dog can work his tiny brain while bonding with you. Get out the training treats and teach him something new 🙂

#7 Visit His Favorite Humans

how to spoil dog, things to do with dog

Does your dog naturally gravitate to some of your friends or family more than others? Arrange to have them visit (be sure to have plenty of toys and treats ready!)


#8 Pet Store Triphow to spoil dog, things to do with dog

Instead of picking out toys and treats for her, let her come with you while you shop. Encourage her to sniff different treats and purchase the one that appeals most to her. Show her and squeak different toys to see which one she’s interested in the most.


#9 Human-Like Dog Treats

how to spoil dog, things to do with dog

Instead of getting your dog regular treats at the grocery store, search for some more interesting and delicious one. Etsy has ton of homemade dog treats in the cutest shapes. For example, doggy donuts or dog-friendly cake pops. Amazon has some cool ideas too—like dog ice cream for example.


#10 Give Them Their Own Space

how to spoil dog, things to do with dog

You don’t have to give her an entire room, but giving her a space of her own will make her feel more human 🙂 It may be a small closet of just a corner of a room. Most dogs love to be covered from above and from all sides, so a cozy area that can provide shelter is best. Her own space can include a soft blanket, her dog bed and her toys.


#11 Take Your Dog Everywhere

ways to spoil your dog, things to do with dog

Did you know there’s such a thing as dog carriers? These allow you to take your pup along with you while you’re hiking or just running errands. It’s perfect for smals dog who love to look around and experience new things.


#12 Make Gourmet Dog Food

how to spoil dog, things to do with dog

If you really wanna spoil Buddy, put away the kibbles and bits and make him a delicious human-worthy meal. A mixture of chicken and vegetables will be so tasty. Here’s a list of dog food recipes that will make your dog drool. Of course, you can also buy a high quality dog food.


#13 Pawdicure

hilarious wtf dog facts

Okay, so not including nail polish. But take him to the doggy salon and get his nails trimmed and his fur cut (if needed). Even if the groomers isn’t your dog’s favorite place, he’ll feel nice and clean after—like a new dog!


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