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4 Ways to Win in the Battle Against Shedding Hair


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how to stop dog shedding

One of the more problematic downsides of owning a dog is the inevitable burden of shedding hairs. Most dog owners will be very familiar with the constant struggle against finding loose hairs from your pooch all over furniture, the floor, clothes, and pretty much everywhere else! This guide should help you spend less time hoovering up loose pet hairs.


 1. Diet

Never neglect the importance of a good diet – this applies across all species. For dogs, a poor diet will not provide the nutrition needed to maintain a healthy coat of fur. Ensure that you provide your dog with enough protein and fats (essential fatty acids are very important). Taking the extra steps and considerations in providing food for your dog could save your from a whole bunch of hair.


 2. Grooming

The simplest approach is to get your dog professionally groomed on a regular basis. Frequency of grooming will depend on the breed, typically ranging from every 4 to 8 weeks. Getting a pro to groom your dog ensures the most effective treatment, and many groomers will have specific shampoos for shedding dogs, so don’t be afraid to ask. To save on cost, anybody can wash their dog at home, but make sure you do your research first. Washing your dog with the wrong shampoo, or not drying their coat correctly, can result in skin condition, discomfort, and increased shedding.


3. Have the right tools for the job

The vacuum cleaner is the ultimate choice of weapon when attacking loose pet hair around the home. You’ll need to choose a vacuum that has good suction and may even need specialist attachments. Choose wisely, because this will be a frequently used tool. If you’ve got a heavy shedding breed like a labrador or an Akita, you’ll need a powerful hoover to make sure you get all the hairs. Brands such as Dyson and Numatic are a great choice – Henry Source explains the different types of vacuums cleaners. But obviously, it really depends on your personal budget.


4. Cover upholstery

Upholstered furniture and car seats are where you find most pet hair. It almost seems like pet hair is magnetically attracted to upholstery. To combat this issue, use throw covers or car set covers – both are a very cheap way to protect expensive items. Covering your sofa with a throw cover might sound unappealing, but there is a huge range of colors and styles to choose from.


Applying these tips should drastically reduce the amount of pet hair that you are faced with. Of all tips, the most important is to looks after your dog’s diet, as this has so many other health benefits.

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