Dogs are “a man’s best friend” and for good reason.

Due to their loyal and selfless personality, there are numerous reasons why dogs are better than cats.  In addition, since dogs are generally a lot higher energy than cats, there are several differences between the two species.   We love all animals, but below we will explore the six best reasons why dogs are better than cats.


#1 Dogs Live a Way More Active Lifestyle than Cats

While cats tend to live independently inside of a house, dogs love to run around.  As a pet owner, this forces you to live an active lifestyle that includes walking outside, running, or even hiking.  Living an active lifestyle with your dog has significant health benefits such as reduced stress and anxiety.  This is definitely one of the most significant reasons why dogs are better than cats.

#2 Dogs Can Serve a Purpose to Help Others

Dogs can serve a significant purpose in life by being of service.  For instance, dogs can assist the blind, be a therapy dog, work on farms, or even help the police and military.  Dogs have essentially been helping people as long as they have been on earth being herders and drovers of cattle. When’s the last time you saw a cat do any of these acts of service?

#3 Dogs Come in Many More Shapes and Sizes than Cats

While cats have different types of breeds, they don’t come in a variety of shapes and sizes like dogs do.  For instance, dogs can range in weight from 5 pounds to over 100 pounds and be groomed in many different types of ways.  For example, the design dog called a Goldendoodle, can have many different Goldendoodle haircuts that range that physically alter the appearance of the dog from looking like a lion to teddy bear.  Check out the website We Love Doodles for information on the new doodle dog breed.

#4 Dogs are Way More Trainable than Cats

While cats can definitely be trained, they cannot be trained as much as a dog.  Dogs can participate in high skilled events like agility, herding, and fetching objects.  In addition, they are easily taught basic commands like shake, sit, lie down, and wait.  They’re desire for food as well as their willingness to appease their owners makes them significantly more trainable than a cat.

#5 Dogs are More Loyal and Can Protect You

Most dogs will alert you when strangers come to the door or defend their territory if they feel threatened.  They may bark or growl, but at the end of day they attempt to defend their owners no matter how big an intruder may seem.  On the other hand, cats are more likely to run away and defend themselves than protect their own territory.

#6 Dogs Provide More Entertainment and Want to Have Fun

Dogs love to play and interact with their owners on a daily basis.  Several breeds of dog love to fetch, play with a frisbee, or tug on a rope.  Dogs also love to play with other dogs which forces you to meet new people whether it be at a dog park or through doggy play dates.  On the other hand, there’s only so much that you can play with a cat whether it be small strings or laser pointers.  Playing with a cat is also shorter-lived as their attention span is a lot shorter.


We hope you enjoyed some of our reasons why dogs are better than cats.  We still love cats and advocate you check out Miauland for all your cat-related questions.  In general, cats make better pets if you’re looking for a more independent and lower energy pet.

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