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7 Things to Do with Your Dog on Rainy Days

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dog rain
The number one thing to do with your dog is to take walks or take him to the park; he loves it! But what do you do on rainy days? Your pooch will get bored sitting inside all day, but you don’t want to let him out. Cleaning up muddy paw prints and your dog shaking off the rain or rubbing against the sofa to dry himself isn’t exactly ideal. Here are some ideas to excite your pup on a rainy day:


Treat-Dispensing Toys

The good ol’ Kong always comes in handy when your dog is bored and needs a little excitement! Simply stuff some healthy treats inside and let your dog work to get them out. If you don’t have a Kong, you can make a simple DIY one. Take a clean sock and stuff some treats inside. Then roll the sock up and wrap elastics around it, your dog will work to break the sock and get the goods! Sure, it’s not as durable, but it’s a quick fix to keep a pup entertained for a bit.


Teach a new Trick

Whether you have a new pup and he’s just learning how to sit on command, or whether you have an older dog, a rainy day is the perfect time to teach your dog new tricks. Remember, your dog not only needs physical exercise, but mental exercise too! Our suggestion? Purchase a cheap and quick online dog trick course, and attempt to teach your dog!

Play Daterain dog man

It’s not just your pup that will be bored on a rainy day, it’s every dog in your neighbourhood! Call up a friend or a neighbor and get them to bring over their pooch. Make sure to have some fun toys ready!


Tug of War

Maybe your house or apartment isn’t big enough to play fetch, but there are sure some other games that you can still play indoors. One of the best options is to play tug of war. Your dog will love that he’s getting playtime even when it’s raining outside!



There’s no better time to curl up on the sofa and watch a great movie than a rainy day. Grab your favorite blanket and snuggle on the sofa with your pup. If he’s not allowed on furniture, maybe make an exception just this one day! You could always use some good ol’ puppy loving!


Hide & Seek

This game works particularly well if your dog knows the “sit and stay” trick. Tell your dog to sit and stay and then venture off to find a great hiding spot. When you’ve found one, call your dog’s name. He will go crazy trying to find out why he can hear, but not see you! If it takes him a bit and he starts barking, keep calling his name so he can follow your voice.

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