You love your dog, but how do you know that your dog loves you?

There are so many ways dogs can show affection and care, even if they can’t speak.

In this post, we’ll outline 9 ways that your dog says “I love you.”


Wagging Tail

A wagging tail signals happiness and relaxation. If your dog is unhappy, upset or annoyed, his body will tense up his tail will be too stiff to wag around.



According to a study dogs yawn when their owners yawn—more so than when a stranger yawns. In this way, it can also be a sign of empathy.


Lifting Eyebrows

Dogs tend to lift their eyebrows when they see someone they like. It signals that they’re interested in what you’re doing.


Cuddles and Snuggles

Of course, cuddles would be a sign of affection! It means your dog feels safe enough around you to curl up and relax.


Running Up to the Door

Does your dog run up to you and freak out when you come home? Yep, he definitely loves you! It doesn’t matter if you took out the garbage, your dog is excited to see you. That’s a sign that he missed your presence.



It can be hard to tell with some dogs, but sometimes you can see a slight smile on a dog. It may be while you pet him or walk through the door. Or it could be after a good game of fetch, as he’s panting and smiling, thanking you for a good outing.


Resting Head on You

If your dog rests his head on your leg or arm when he’s tired, it’s a good sign that he loves and trusts you.


Follows You Everywhere

Going to get a snack? I’m coming. Going to the washroom? I need to come too. If your dog follows you everywhere, it’s a sign he cares enough to wonder what you’re doing.


Gets Jealous

Maybe he smells another dog on you and starts to get suspicious. Or perhaps he gets clearly jealous when another dog grabs your attention. That means he loves you and wants him all to himself!



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