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sleeping dogs

Fido is fast asleep in his bed, but all of the sudden he starts twitching and even moving his legs. It’s only natural to assume he’s dreaming about being in the dog park with his buds, running full power and being the first to fetch the stick. But what is he actually dreaming about? Do dogs even dream? There’s evidence that sleeping rats’ brains function in a way that suggests dreaming. So, it makes sense that more intelligent creatures with bigger brains, such as dogs, also dream. About 20 minutes into sleeping, a dog will enter a deeper sleep and…

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Like us, Pomeranians also have their lazy days. “It’s time for you to get up. It’s 1 p.m,” the owner says. The Pomeranian whines (presumably asking for a few more minutes). “Get out of bed,” he persists. We’re not sure how it ends, but we bet the pooch won the argument and hit snooze just one more time.

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Children aren’t the only ones enjoying playing in the winter weather! Fingal here has found a way to go sledding…without the sled. He enjoys himself so much that he climbs back up the hill for another shot at it.

Read More Tuesday, Lundy and Captain aren’t your average adorable pups — they have a vital mission to provide constant support to veterans with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). In honor of National Service Dog Month this September, A Head for the Future has released three videos to spotlight military veterans who have experienced TBI and made special connections with trained service dogs. “Tuesday is a form of therapy,” said Luis Carlos Montalván, an Army veteran who appears in one of the videos and who wrote the bestseller “Until Tuesday” about his two tours of duty in Iraq and his return home with multiple injuries, including TBI.…

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