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My name is Kimba Wiggins and I am a creative thinker, writer and aspiring entrepreneur. I am New York City…The City That Never Sleeps. I’m currently an Internet Researcher and have been honing my skills as a Researcher since July 1997. Former eBay seller, dog/cat lover, a lover of all things having to do with politics, healthy living, writing, blogging and web development/design. Visit my blog at

First off, congrats! Now you’re not only a fur baby mama, but a real mom, too! Getting dogs ready for new baby is not something that happens in a day; it’s a process. But the results are rewarding! If your dog is friendly, having a dog alongside your baby is a great idea and has numerous benefits. Babies who have dogs have a decreased risk of allergies and obesity than pet-less children. Dogs may also decrease the changes of a mother passing on a strep infection, according to the 2017 study. Kids that grow up with a dog or cat…

Read More If you have a dog that has a nervous temperament, this video is for you and your dog. I liked this video because I’ve been around dogs that would run around scared when hearing loud noises or actually run away hiding when fireworks were going off. I found that placing the dog in another room with the windows closed calmed him or her down. I also suggest training your dog to accept fireworks so that when dogs to hear them, they’re not as fearful of them. Good luck and Happy New Year 🙂 Via Kimba @

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