When busy dogs get home from work, you should let them relax with a nice cold one. I’ll tell you why:

Little Buddy and his coworkers keep themselves busy dogs all day by filing paperwork, sending emails, returning customer’s phone calls and keeping inventory updated. Sometimes their days can get very hectic when they get assigned way too much work from their boss. Little Buddy skips his breaks, eats lunch at his desk and even holds in his poops just to try to get the work done in time. The clock is winding down for the hectic dogs and deadlines are flying by.

Their boss runs into the room and whips his tail across Buddy’s head and exclaims, “Buddy! This was supposed to be filed hours ago! Now you must stay until you get this whole pile completed.”

Buddy holds in his cry, points his ears and sucks it up; the work just has to get done. Suddenly, a dog’s busy 9 to 5 workday turns into a 12-hour shift. By the end of the night, he’s fuming and the next day is even worse.

He walks into the office and he just can’t take it anymore. Your dog’s stress may lead him to act out in he office, telling his coworkers, and even his boss, to bark off. Several human resource complaints may need to be filed for your dog to get the picture: busy dogs can’t equal angry dogs. He may benefit from taking a few anger management classes to help him control his emotions on hectic days. Still, old habits are hard to change.

He stops short of getting the pink slip by picking up his slack and working overtime without pay.

Little buddy just hopes one day all of his busy doggy work will pay off and he’ll get a raise so he can buy the most gourmet kibble around. Right now, he’s saving to pay for his children’s obedience school.

So yes, at the end of the day, your dog absolutely deserves a pack of Busy Dogs Bowser Beer!

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