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I Didn’t Do It: Hilarious Guilty Dogs


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All of our dogs have been there. They’ve done something they’re not supposed to. Maybe they chewed on you expensive shoes while you were at work; maybe he was able to access the forbidden block of cheese; or maybe he got a hold of your old teddy bear and made his guts scatter across the living room.

Like kids, dogs act out. They have accidents. Well, they’re not really accidents if they’re on purpose, are they?

Regardless, every dog has done something bad at one time or another and likely does something bad frequently.

As we see in the video above, dogs don’t like to take responsibility for their wrong doings. They know they ate the cookies, but they will shy away when you ask. They’ll bow their head in a submissive position as if to say, “I’m sorry mommy.”

Some dogs will even go as far as to blame their sister or brother, as we see in the first clip.

In another of the clips, we see a dog smile, almost giving a growling look, when his mom asks “Did you eat off the counter?”

One owner comes home to find that a pair of underwear has been chewed. He talks to the dogs normally and they act happy as usual. Little do they know dad knows their secret. When the dad confronts the two dogs by pulling out the pair of underwear, the dogs simultaneously get up and walk out of the room! They know they’re in trouble now!

These dogs may think they’re being smart and fooling us, but they get the hint when they get their time out!

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