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Why Does Your Dog Sleep So Much?


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There is no doubt in this statement that a dog is a man’s best friend. Many people all around the world are dog lovers. Dogs are amazing pets and not only pets they do become part of the family. They are always happy, playful, and cheerful and will always greet their masters with a smile on their face and a wagging tail. Like any family member, if any happened to them, you’ll be concerned.

The average dog sleeps 14 hours a day but depending on breeds, that number can be 16-18 hours.  Sometimes owners do notice that their dogs are sleeping more than usual which can be alarming.  We’ll go into the many reasons why our canine friends would sleep more than usual.

Reasons Why Your Dog Sleeps So Much

  1. Level of Activity: Whether your dog is sleeping more than usual depends on the level of activity. How active is your pet is one of the main reasons which determines why they sleep so much. Usually, dogs stay at home while their owners are busy at work in which case they feel bored and left out. This could make them sleep longer as they have nothing better to do which is why vets do suggest that the owners should spend ample time with their respective pets so that they remain active. Dogs that are specially trained for certain tasks such as a part of a K9 unit for the police department stay busier, therefore, sleep less.


  1. Age Factor: Age does play a huge factor when it comes to knowing why your dog is sleeping so much. Just like humans when dog’s age they require more sleep as they tire out much more quickly. There is not much difference between humans and their respective dogs in this regard. Just like human beings in their youth are much livelier and active which is why they require less sleep, in the same way, dogs at their young age are much more alive and active which is why they sleep less. But as they grow old they sleep more because they get tired easily.


  1. Medical Conditions: Medical conditions through which your dog is suffering can be one of the main reasons for them to sleep. Just like when you get ill certain medications have side effects and drowsiness might be one of them. Sleeping habits can also change due to medical conditions. There are certain medical conditions, which your dog might sleep more like for example Canine Depression. Canine depression is a medical condition whereby the dog becomes depressed. This depression can happen due to a lot of factors like for example when the dog is trying to adjust to a new environment like a new home and loss of a companion are the two most common triggers of canine depression.

It can be seen from the above discussion that there are various reasons why a dog might sleep more than usual.  To understand their needs and feelings is part of being a dog lover and their master.

Sleep is important, so make sure you have the best pet bed for your furry friend. If you are looking for the best dog beds reviewed check out DogBedZone.

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