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How to Get Your Dog to Stop Pooping in the House


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The one thing we hate about walking our dogs is picking up the poop and carrying it around until the nearest garbage can. But when our dogs poop inside our homes, it’s even worse. Not only is it annoying, but it could wreck our carpets and is likely a sign of a bigger issue.

Your dog could be pooping in the house for several reasons:


???? Behavior Problems

If your dog is young, it’s very normal if he has accidents inside the home; he’s still learning how to control his bowels. However, training can certainly fix this problem in the long run.

The fix: Anticipate your pup’s needs by taking him outside frequently in case he has to go. When he does go outside, give him a treat. The pup will associate pooping outside with a reward, leading him to learn the correct way. You can also learn more training methods by taking an at-home training course LINK. Never get mad at your dog for having accidents inside because it may teach him to just hide where he poops.


???? Separation Anxiety

If your dog poops in the house while your away, there’s two possibilities: he either has to go and can’t be let out or he has separation anxiety. So, how do you tell which issue it is? If your dog barks, paces, attempts to escape or destructs things while you’re not home, it’s likely he has separation anxiety.

The Fix: Relieving dog’s separation anxiety can be done in a few ways. You can tire him out before you leave, hide treats around the house or leave a toy, such as a Kong LINK, stuffed with treats. Other options include giving him an all-natural medication proven to reduce dog anxiety LINK or using a PetChatz LINK device so you can videophone your dog and remotely dispense treats.


???? Diet

If you changed your dog’s food and he suddenly starts pooping in the house, the food is likely the issue. Also, some pets need to poop right after they eat.

The Fix: Bring your dog outside right after he eats or get your vet to recommend a food suitable for your dog.

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