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How Can You Use Lignans For Your Dogs?


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Lignan for dogs

Lignans are a natural antioxidant that can help balance hormones, which is why they’re so great for your immune system.

What are Lignans?

For any animal that is either spayed/neutered or has never gone through sexual maturity (regardless of if they were fixed), plants provide some incredibly helpful nutrients – though this isn’t always the case! Plant-based lignan substances can make up for what’s lost when animals aren’t able to get them by eating whole foods directly as it will typically come packaged within vegetables themselves without processing such as blanching

Dog owners who want to avoid the traditional medical treatments for their furry friends often rely on homeopathic remedies. These natural medicines are not a substitute but instead can be used in addition, especially when dealing with more serious problems like cancer or Cushing’s disease.


What Are The Benefits of Lignans for Your Dog?

1.Hormone Balance

A study found that lignans combined with melatonin can help lower the concentration of steroid hormones like cortisol in dogs. This has great benefits for those who suffer from Cushing’s syndrome and need to be able to reduce their stress levels at night time during sleeping periods when they do not have enough control over their body’s natural hormone production rate.


The idea of a canine diabetes epidemic is terrifying, but there are many ways to prevent it. Researchers found that increased levels of cortisol affect blood sugar as well and can lead to chronic Cushing’s disease with long-lasting effects on both the dog’s health and quality of life; this could be avoided by taking lignans with melatonin which inhibit overproduction in dogs affected by cushing’s disease.

3.Immune System

Lignans have many benefits for your dog, including preventing inflammation and reducing arthritis. They also help with immune system function and overall health of the animal by causing better skin or fur quality.

4.Cardiovascular System

It can be beneficial to find a plant-based diet for your dog, but there are some great benefits. Lignans is one such phytoestrogen that has cardio-protective properties which means it will lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels or triglyceride because of the oestrogen traits in plants. Thus, lignans support cardiovascular system health.

5.Reduction of Cancer Risk

One of the most beneficial effects that lignans have is their ability to inhibit tumour cell growth in mammary glands. Lignans are also known as phytoestrogens, meaning they mimic estrogenic hormones and increase oestrogen levels significantly which can reduce cancerous cells.

Where Can You Find Lignan For Your Dog?

Lignans have no side effects for dogs when used as part of their regular diet but should always first be discussed with a vet before adding them into your dog’s regimen because they will need to know what breed you’re dealing with so that they may recommend which lignan would work best along with deciding on how much is needed per day based off weight or age differences between breeds

There are different options to obtain Lignans for your dogs, while you may prefer buying from a physical store, you can also buy lignans for dogs from an online store.

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