The last time we spoke, I just turned 2.

I don’t have many years to compare it to, but it’s been the busiest year yet.

I’m a big boy and I get more big boy responsibilities.

Like being trusted not to make accidents inside…

Being trusted home alone without a cage…

And being trusted around food (this one was a mistake on mom’s part).


The biggest change this year is that it’s going by so fast.

I’ve been a busy boy.

Yup, the busiest boy there ever was.

A part from producing and shooting my rap music video (out this year), I’ve been dabbling into other genres as well.

No genre is not for me.

If I can dance, run or beg to the beat, it’s a good song in my books.

Which I guess doesn’t say much.

Cuz I have no books.


I would be willing to read…

If someone got me the Effective Treat Begging 101 textbook.

I’m being told it’s out of print due to owner complaints.

Luckily, I need not one book to teach me how to get my groove on.

For your joy, Immna put a few videos here


Here’s me doing a head-bopping jig in my crown


Here’s me taking all the time to appreciate myself

Here’s me getting a little too amped up on St. Patrick day. (JK, Ima really just bobbing for treats)


Oh ya, here’s a sneak preview of my rap music video.


My little paws are so exhausted from the editing, but if you want to help a pup out, you can subscribe to my YouTube to see the full version soon.

…Or bark back on Instagram @YoDoggyDogCom

Well I sniff a snack nearby, so Immna cut it here.


Barkya later,






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