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What You Should Know Before Traveling With Pets to Singapore

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Traveling With Pets to Singapore

Traveling to different countries around the world can be an excellent way to spend your free time.

There are so many countries you can choose from for your next holiday destination. Reading various travel blogs or magazines will help you understand some of the best countries for your needs.
One good country you can choose is Singapore. It is an island nation found south of Malaysia. Singapore has some of the top tourist sites like Universal Studios, sandy beaches, beautiful architecture and botanical gardens. You can also sample a variety of Singaporean cuisines at some of their hotels.
You should have proper documentation in order to visit. You must present your travel pass which defines your type of stay. The tourist visa is option, which can be obtained from their immigration offices or other expediters such as Visa Express, who will help you get one fast.
We all love the company of our pets, and that is why many people enjoy traveling with them. Traveling with your pet is not simple because you have to adhere to the rules of the airline you use, as well as each country’s biosecurity laws. There are several things you need to know before traveling with your pet to Singapore. These include:

Airline Rules

You should familiarize yourself with the rules of each particular airline in relation to traveling with pets. Different companies have their set of rules. Compare them to find out who has the easiest rules for traveling with your type of pet. You will find some that prohibit certain breeds, or animals from certain locations. Make sure you’re up to date with each of the different rules to avoid disappointment or finding yourself in trouble.

Singapore Rules

You should also familiarize yourself with the laws of the country in relation to traveling with pets, and comply with them. Get to know the quarantine period that is set for pets from your country of origin. Also, check all the veterinary records that are required before starting your holiday.


The need to contain the spread of rabies is one reason you might be required to quarantine your pet. There is a special quarantine station where you should leave their pet if asked. This sometimes applies to pets from all nations, even those that have been declared rabies-free. You shouldn’t have to worry because quarantine facilities in Singapore are in perfect condition, and all pets will be given proper treatment. One can book a reservation months before traveling. In most cases, the quarantine period is usually about ten days, however some pets may be required to stay for a month.

Other Requirements

Jetting your pet to Singapore from another country is not that easy a task. Familiarize yourself with everything you will have to go through before your travels begin. You will need to buy a special cage, since traveling with your pet in the passenger section is prohibited on most flights. Get to the airport early to complete the different quarantine procedures on time. Make sure you have all the paperwork handy.

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