When you get your puppy, he’s young and healthy. As he ages, unfortunately, he will likely start to get issues which will cost you.

Dog medications can be very expensive and so can veterinary visits. You love your dog and will do anything you can to keep him happy and healthy.

Most Dog Insurance Is Expensive

Unfortunately, dog insurance is expensive. On average, it will cost you around $380 a year. On the high end, insurance can go up to and above $1000. The heavy prices lead most owners to take their chances and skip getting pet insurance.

The problem? If your pet does get sick, it’s totally up to you to pay that cost. And, think about it: When you look for a job, you’re hoping for an employer who provides health coverage. As human beings, we understand that coverage is important and necessary. Shouldn’t it be necessary for the 4-legged members of your family as well?


The Solution

We have found a much cheaper and better alternative to traditional dog insurance. If you haven’t heard of PetPlus, they are a company who aims to make dog health care affordable.

PetPlus membership cost only $50 a month.

Members get:

11111???? Wholesale pricing- Pay only $8 for the same medication others are selling for above $50.
11111???? Prescriptions
11111???? Free delivery
11111???? Local in-store pick up (Walmart, Target, CVS)
11111???? FREE 24/7 ask-a-vet helpline (phone, chat or email)

With the ask-a-vet helpline, you don’t have to pay crazy fees just to ask your local vet one question. Many owners, especially new owners, get anxiety wondering, “Is this normal?” or “Is my dog okay?” Having a vet to immediately chat with will calm anxiety when necessary or will provide actionable advice when it’s needed the most. A normal dog insurance plan won’t give you that! This saves between $300 and $800 a year. We’d pay that price for this service alone!

With wholesale pricing, you will be sure that you’re not spending crazy money on a plan that you won’t actually use. When your pet does need a medication, the cost will be significantly lower. That is an actual fact. PetPlus gives a 100% guarantee that they will save you money. The medication offered includes: flea and tick, prescription medication, heartworm, supplements and prescription food.

Watch this video to see how much money you could save per year:

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