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My Second Birthday Pawty: Doggy Diaries


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dog with a blog, dog birthday

Really, I furgot about my birthday.

But mom sure didn’t.

It was a night full of treats, treats, and treats.

But first, it started with a donut.

We stopped at Tim Hortons for coffee but the humans made sure I wasn’t left out.

They told the cashier that it was my birthday and asked if I could have a timbit.

The cashier returned with said timbit and I gulped it up before she could even hand it over.

dog with a blog, dog birthday

Little did I know that it was only the first treat.

After a long drive, we ended up at My Dog’s Café and Bar in Hamilton.

No waiting outside for me—dogs are allowed in this place!

dog with a blog, dog birthday

I pranced in and was so excited to see 3 other dogs already there.

Mom went and bought treats while I greeted every new dog and human that arrived.

I have to say, it was a great petworking oppawtunity.

I slept like the baby I am on the ride back.

And it’s a good thing I did because I had even more surprises waiting for me at home.

The humans sat me down on my special chair and started handing me gifts.

I ripped them apart with my tiny paws.

dog with a blog, dog birthday

At first, it was the boring stuff, like sweaters and a BFF necklace.

dog with a blog, dog birthday

Then I got into the goods… the treats and bones.

dog with a blog, dog birthday

Then was the best part.

My birthday cake. Bon a-pet-treat!

dog with a blog, dog birthday

dog with a blog, dog birthday

dog with a blog, dog birthday

I bet you’re wondering what my wish was.

Unfurtunately, I can’t tell you.

I want it to come true.

Back to eating my treats.


Barkya later,

dog with a blog, binky, binkys adventures

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