There’s a lot more ways you can wear a t-shirt.

Since we’ve come out with our t-shirts and matching dog accessories, we’ve been getting creative with our outfits.

You can dress a t-shirt up or down by pairing it with other pieces. You can also tie it in different ways for a completely different look.

Read on to learn 8 ways to wear your YoCanine shirts.


8 Ways to Wear YoCanine Shirts

Here’s 8 options for how you can style your YoCanine shirts.

#1 Roll Up Sleeves and Tuck In

Easily change the look of a standard t-shirt by rolling up the sleeves. To keep it simple and classy, tuck the shirt into a pair of jeans.

#2 Tie Back

We love the look of a t-shirt tied at the back. Pull the shirt as tight as you can in the back. Use the loose fabric to make a knot. This is a great t-shirt styling option for petite people who find many shirts long.

#3 Tie Front

You can also easily tie a shirt at the front for a different look. Pull the shirt as tight as you can in the front. Use the loose fabric to make a knot.

#5 Pair with Skirt

Graphic tees took even cuter when paired with a casual skirt. Tie it at the back or front if your skirt is high-rise.

#6 Pair with Shorts

For another casual look, pair your t-shirt with shorts. If it’s too big to tuck into your shorts, tie it at the back or front.

#7 Pair with Leggings or Sports Shorts

For an effortless outfit, wear your t-shirt long with a pair or leggings or sports shorts. It’s a relaxed, casual, comfy look perfect for running errands in.

#8 Pair with Leather Jacket

If you’re going out, pair your t-shirt with a leather jacket.

#9 Pair with Blazer

T-shirts can be worn business-casual when paired with a blazer on top.


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