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10+ Safe Essential Oils for Dogs: Allergies, Hot spots, Arthritis, Calming

Using essential oils can be a natural way to help your dog with a variety of ailments. Essential oils are very potent concentrates taken from...

Essential Oils for Dog Allergies: What You Need to Know

The same as people can suffer from allergies, so can dogs. Allergies can be irritating or serious, with the need to be very cautious...

Essential Oils for Dog Hot Spots: Ones You Need To Try

  Hot spots are red and moist lesions generally found on a dog's hip, chest area or head. Another term for them is "acute moist...

Essential Oils for Dog Arthritis: Can They Relieve Pain?

  Arthritis is an abnormality in the joints. This abnormality can be caused from an infection, from physical stress or trauma or from aging. Although essential...

Calming Essential Oils for Dogs: Surprising Way to Destress Your Canine

Humans aren’t the only ones that deal with stress and mental illness! Unfurtunately, our furry friends can deal with some of these emotions, too. Whether...


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