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VIDEO: Dog Anchors Nightly News Cast with Puppy Field Reporter

This Dachshund is a man of many talents. This time, he takes on anchoring the nightly newscast. There's tons of breaking stories tonight, including one from...

Dachshunds Race NASCAR Style in Fierce Competition

Little Weenies, start your engines! These cute dachshunds race each other: One in a Ferrari, one in a BMW. See who wins in the cute dog...

VIDEO: Dachshund Gives Away His First Rose As Bachelor to Lucky Pup

Missing a new season of the Bachelor? Now, you don't have to. Simply tune in to see this Dachshund wow the ladies with his charm...

VIDEO: Super Strange Talking Dogs Singing Enjoy Dinner Party Together

What do dogs do when you're not home? Throw a dinner party of course! In the cute dog video below, dogs gather around the table to...

10 Super Weird Dog Behaviors Explained in 2 Minutes Flat

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iahqYHHEU3A Why does your dog sit in the same direction while pooping? Why does he kick the grass? Why does he stick his head out...


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