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I Went On My First Date. It Was Absolutley Pawful.


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dog with a blog

This week I went on my first date with none other than…

Sonic the Hedgehog.

I know what you’re thinking.

How did a pup like me score a date with a speedy fellow like Sonic?

I worked up enough courage to ask him out. Mom told me to take the chance.

I didn’t think he’d say yes.

You see, I’m not exactly boyfriend pettential.

I still pee and poop inside the house on occasion.

And I’m still afraid of the orange pylons that sneak up on me on walks.

I’m not the best pawdyguard.


To my surprise…

Sonic said yes.

And then I realized that dogs and probably hedgehogs aren’t allowed in restaurants.

So I had to create a romantic night myself.

I stole mom’s flowers used them to set up a beautiful table for our evening.

I even dressed in my fanciest polo sweater.

When Sonic arrived, he looked absolutely fetching.

dog with a blog, binky

After our Bark-B-Q dinner, things started to go downhill.

He made a sudden movement and I mistook him for a fetch toy.

I took his arm in my mouth and shook it until the stuffing came out.

At that point, I realized he wasn’t just a toy. I almost destroyed the love of my very young life.

I rushed to mom for assistance.

We took him to the hospital.

Good news: We didn’t see Dr. Eggman

Bad news: He needed surgery.

I was so nervous sitting in the waiting room that pacing turned into chasing my tail.

Furtunately, the surgery went very well.

Sonic is a good pal and even had a smile on his face as he was amputated.

dog with a blog, binky

I thought it was a fun game of tug-o-war, I didn’t mean to make him armless.

When he was resting, I snuck into his hospital room to deliver my apology letter.

Sonic was in good spirits so he decided to forgive me.

dog with a blog, binky

Later in the week, I invited him over again to watch a movie.

He said he would love to.

In fact, not having the weight of an extra arm made him even speedier.
dog with a blog, binky

You could call that our second date.

This time, I didn’t bite a limb off.

Very proud of myself.

I deserve a treat.

Gonna go beg for one.

Barkya later,

dog with a blog, binky, binkys adventures

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