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Winter Bucket-List for Dogs: 20 Things You Wanna Do Before It’s Over

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Winter Bucket-List for Dogs

Hate winter?

If you live somewhere cold, winter may be a season to stay inside, which means less fun for your dog.

But not necessarily.

To show you how fun winter can be for your doggo, we’ve compiled a bucket list of things to do.


Winter Bucket List for Dogs

  1. Go Holiday/Christmas shopping for a gift for your fur pal.
  2. Wrap the gift in easy-to-tear tissue paper and let your dog rip it open to reveal their surprise.
  3. Make some festive Christmas cookies—but for your dog.
  4. When the snow has freshly fallen, allow your pup to hop around in the snow and watch how happy it makes them.
  5. Make a DIY paw print holiday ornament with things you already have in your home.
  6. Save some money this season by making DIY dog toys instead
  7. Cuddle up and watch a Christmas dog movie with your dog and see if he responds to the barks. Here’s 40 festive options.
  8. Bring some treats outside and spread them in the snow. Watch as your dog buries his nose under as he tries to find them.
  9. Check out outdoor holiday events and bring your pup along.
  10. Make Christmas shopping a little more fun by doing to an outdoor mall and bringing your dog along.
  11. Take an evening to just sit and cuddle by the fire with your dog. If you don’t have a real or electric fireplace, just cuddle in bed, peacefully watching the snowfall.
  12. Find some festive, cute, new dog sweaters to help your dog stay warm (but only if he likes sweaters).
  13. Make a doggy snow cone: Collect from freshly-fallen, untouched snow and put it in a bowl. Pour some cold chicken broth over it for a delicious doggy treat.
  14. Take a walk together in a neighborhood known for its beautifully lit houses during the season.
  15. Have a pajama day with human and dog matching pajamas.
  16. Make a warm blanket fort inside and let your dog explore it.
  17. Make a snowball and see if your dog catches it in his mouth. If so, make a game out of it.
  18. Have a winter family photoshoot—even if that just means you and your dog 🙂
  19. If you decorate a tree during winter, lift your dog up so he can get a full view of the beauty from a human-level (unless your dog is really big, then good luck).
  20. Make homemade care packages for homeless people. Go on a walk with your dog and hand them out to anyone who needs one.


Winter Bucket-List for Dogs

Winter Bucket-List for Dogs

Winter Bucket-List for Dogs

Winter Bucket-List for Dogs

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