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10 Dog Breeds Known for Gas and Flatulence (Still Adorable)

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Want to know which dog breeds produce more gas before you get your pet?

Gas and flatulence are pretty common in dogs. Just like you, your dogs also need to release those gases inside.

It’s hard to tell whether excessive gas is a breed-specific issue. But when we talked with different dog owners, it seems certain breeds do produce more gas.

Well, the difference is only minimal. This shouldn’t hold you back from getting the dog breed you desire.

Get them flatulence-preventing dog foods, which you can find here your dog cares. And follow the tips we mentioned at the very end of this post.

Let’s get started!


1. English Bulldogs

These cute and innocent dogs are very fond of farting.

Well, ‘fond’ is not the right word to use here. English bulldogs have one of the most sensitive stomachs. So, they have a hard time digesting food.

As a short-faced breed, it also breathing issues that forces them to swallow air while eating. Farting is the end result! Nothing obnoxious though.


2. Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiffs- The wrinkly dog with a sad looking face. When you have such a dog around, you are bound to hear lots of noises.

It can be their skin flapping or it can be fart. Before you know it, your room might become one heck of a gas-filled aquarium.

Get mastiff specific foods and let them eat at a slower pace to reduce the issue.


3. Boxers

Boxers are very enthusiastic and keen eaters. But we think they forget that they have a sensitive stomach.

But can you stop him from eating? No! It’s looks certainly adorable and satisfying that your pet is having a good time eating and rejoicing.

The only thing not rejoicing is the fart. These breeds also have bloating problems.



4. Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are gassy dogs and that’s not true. Although the breed has a history of bloat, it farts just like any other breeds.

This breed is one of the most popular breeds in the U.S and around the world. So, chances are the owners of Golden retrievers never owned any other dogs beside them.

Just get them! Ignore the bias.


5. Pugs

Pugs are adorable dogs that have a reputation for polluting the space. We couldn’t find anything serious about their digestive system.

The only reason they fart more is because of their small mouth and swallowing air while eating food. And because pugs remain close to their owner, the after effects seems worse.


6. Doberman Pinschers

From a biological point of view, we don’t think Dobermans are gassy dogs. They have a perfectly normal digestion.

But when we talked to certain Doberman owners, we were surprised to find these dogs produce obnoxious gases from time to time.

Probably the food or their dog’s eating habits has got to do with those smelly gases.


7. Pit Bulls

For Pit Bulls we think you should only feed them with breed specific foods. Other dog foods might not suit them.

We had many Pit Bulls before, so we know these dogs have sensitive stomachs. They are athletic and super adorable.

So, we hope you can forgive the farts and move on!


8. Yorkshire Terriers

Fluffy and adorable as they look, these dogs have different health issues. As a dog owner you must know them first and then take the responsibility.

Portosystemic shunts or PSS is a common condition in Yorkshire terriers. Increased urination and gas are the common symptoms.

You should avoid giving them table scraps and raw food.


9. Rottweilers

If you can’t appreciate your dog’s gases, you can’t own a Rottweiler. As ferocious as they might look, these dogs are great snugglers.

They will fart here and there and close to your face often. But you can’t ignore the fact that Rottweilers are seriously loyal animals.


10. German Shepherds

German Shepherds are the least flatulence prone dog breeds. Yet, you will experience stinky smells now and then.

It’s one of the most popular breeds around the world for their immense loyalty, playfulness and obedience. Just make sure to avoid any food that contains corn, soy and lots of carbs.



How to Prevent Flatulence: Follow These Tips

  • If your dog is farting more than usual, it might be because he has a sensitive stomach. The current food might not be working for him. Look for breed specific or even foods for gassy dogs.
  • No table scraps and no ice creams! Human food looks delicious and you might want your furry buddy to have a share. Get ready to tolerate the fart later!
  • Adequate exercise will keep your pet from releasing less gas. He will be able to digest faster and excrete more.
  • Get slow feeding bowls to make your pet eat slowly. Eating faster can result in more air swallowing and more gas.
  • Read the food labels and ignore the ones that contain red meat, beans and lots of fibers and carbs.
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