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10 Ways To Create A Dog-Friendly Home


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Becoming a dog parent is truly exciting and is sure to enrich your daily life for many years to come. When welcoming a pup into the home, though, it’s imperative that you take the necessary steps to make your furry friend. 

By the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped with all the advice needed to do it in style.

The Importance of creating a dog-friendly home

Whether you’re preparing to adopt a dog or want to create better surroundings for a pet that already lives with you, planning is key. Before building a strategy, it’s important to educate (or remind) yourself of the benefits of comfortable surroundings.

Over 65 million American homes have a dog. Here are just some of the reasons that creating better surroundings should be a priority;

  • It will benefit the dog’s physical health for a better quality of life.
  • Your pup will be safer and more likely to live longer.
  • The dog will benefit from improved mental health, stimulation, and happiness.
  • Your pup will additionally be more likely to thrive outside of the home.
  • Improved behaviors and easy training will benefit owners too.

In short, comfortable home surroundings are as important for dogs as they are for humans. Getting it right will deliver rewarding outcomes for pups and owners alike. Not least because it enables you to focus on developing a stronger bond.

However, you will only reap those rewards if you put the right features in place. Focus on the following items and you’ll have one very happy pup indeed.

#1 Invest in a great dog bed

On average, dogs sleep for 12-14 hours per day. Moreover, they will spend a fair portion of their waking hours lazing around. With this in mind, a great dog bed is one of the most important investments by far. 

Dog beds should be soft and comfortable while ideally made from natural fibers. Of course, it will be equally vital to ensure that the bed is big enough for your pup. The dog bed should be durable too, especially if you have a large pup. Accessibility is another key issue. Nobody wants pups to injure themselves or experience unnecessary discomfort. 

In addition to finding the right bed, you must maintain it and keep it clean too. Otherwise, the benefits will soon be lost.

#2 Install a pet door

While dogs should feel safe and comfortable inside the property, the value of a winning garden space cannot be emphasized enough. It is a place for your pup to explore, get some exercise, and take a break from inside settings.

Access to the garden also supports toileting. Checking out the best dog door options for large dogs could be a hugely beneficial step. By connecting the internal and external spaces, the pup will have greater control over toileting. It can put an end to scratches at the back door or barking because they can’t get outside.

As long as it is locked at times when you don’t want the pup to get outside, you will see stunning results.

#3 Quickly introduce other pets

Comfortable home surroundings aren’t only dictated by the interior design and adjustments you’ve made for the pup. Interactions with other members of the household will play an integral role too, especially when you have other pets.

Introducing a new family member is a significant change for existing pets. However, entering a new environment is an even greater challenge for the new pet. Cats and dogs notoriously share difficult relationships, but this guide will help. You must also pay attention to other pets like reptiles or rodents.

Meanwhile, all human family members must give affection to the dog if you want him or her to settle. 

#4 Dog-proof rooms

Safety must be a priority shared by all pet owners. However, it is particularly important for dog owners as our furry friends are naturally very inquisitive. If you leave potential hazards and vulnerabilities around the home, your dog will find danger.

Finding the most secure medicine boxes can remove potential safety risks. Keeping dangerous chemicals out of reach is vital too. Although switching to eco-friendly cleaning materials is even better. You should also ensure that all electrical cords are unplugged or tucked away. It is a great incentive for using wall-mounted TVs.

Aside from protecting your pup, it will put your mind at ease. Especially when you’re at work or not home.

#5 Have toys readily available

A safe home is one thing, but it’s also necessary to recognize different dog behaviors. In many cases, pups become destructive through boredom. As such, finding the best dog toys is a key responsibility. Every dog breed will respond positively.

As well as keeping dogs entertained when you’re alone, they offer an easy way to bond with your pup. Furthermore, various dog toys train the dog’s brain or support physical development. For example, chew toys can promote stronger jaws and even help clean the dog’s teeth.

Dog toys provide safe play while also preventing damage to toys that belong to your children. The benefits must not be ignored.

#6 Make tasty treats

Your pup will spend a lot of time inside the home. Therefore, the daily activities enjoyed inside the home are vital to the dog’s physical and mental wellness. Nutrition is one of the most significant features by far.

Aside from delighting the dog’s taste buds, they constantly use taste and smell to explore. While healthy daily nutrition plans should be in place, you must mix things up with special treats too. This guide to homemade peanut butter treats will point you in the direction. Your pup will love it.

On a side note, special treats often make the perfect hiding place for any medications that your pup may require.

  • #7 Add climate control features

Whether your furry friend is alone or with you, a comfortable climate is as important as the comfort of the dog bed or sofa. The two most influential elements to consider are the temperature and the air quality.

If you’re comfy in the home, your dog probably will be too. When you’re not home, though, keeping the temperature between 75 and 78 degrees is usually best in the summer. Some small contrasts may be seen between different breeds. A Smart thermostat that you control remotely will keep you on top of things. Perfect.

Air conditioning units must be kept clean too. Otherwise, your pup will breathe in lots of dust. Worse still, you will too.

#8 Create a safe space

Like humans, dogs can become scared for many reasons. Loud noises and unexpected sights are two examples. When the pooch is scared, having a dedicated space safe that keeps them calm makes a huge difference.

Whether it’s a corner of the living room or a space under the stairs isn’t overly important. The key is that they can get away from stressful or anxiety-inducing situations. While it’s great that you want to calm your pup, the best results are achieved when he or she can soothe themselves. You won’t always be around.

A safe space is particularly beneficial when your dog is scared but also serves them well in any situation where they are agitated.

#9 Put background entertainment on

Keeping your dog entertained when you’re around isn’t too difficult. However, it can be particularly challenging when you’re out or if you need to work from home. While the value of toys has already been mentioned, you must do more.

Dogs often respond well to soft music or the changing colors of a TV screen. While they won’t follow the storylines, they can recognize animals on screens. It is a particularly wise move when the dog is used to busy surroundings. Without the background noise, the transition from family time to alone time can feel rather abrupt.

So, if you want to avoid potentially distressing situations, this item should be on the agenda. Your pup will thank you in the long run.

#10 Put security measures in place

As already stated, safety has to be a priority at all times. As a dog owner, you will naturally place a lot of focus on eradicating internal threats. However, this should not be an excuse to ignore security.

Even if your pet is a guard dog, you’d rather avoid attempted intrusions. Aside from the problems for you, they could leave your pup feeling on edge. So, the best CCTV cameras and alarm systems should be added to the property. Checking that all potential escape routes from the garden are secured is another vital step. 

It will protect your dog’s ongoing wellness while simultaneously keeping your mind at ease, frankly, it is the least you deserve.

Remember a comfortable home is just the start

While building the right home surroundings will provide the foundation for raising a happy and healthy dog, it isn’t the only key feature. Be sure to take your dog for walks, explore new places, and build a strong bond with all the family. Your love and affection will make a huge difference with immediate and lasting results.

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