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10 WTF Dog Facts That Will Drop Your Jaw


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Bet you didn’t know these dog facts.


#1 City Dogs Live Longer

hilarious wtf dog facts

On average, a dog who lives in the city will survive three years longer than a dog who lives in the country.


#2 Dogs are More Dangerous than Sharks

hilarious wtf dog facts


Little buddy isn’t so innocent after all. Well, at least, he has the potential to become nasty. More people in the U.S. are killed by dogs than by sharks.


#3 Dogs are in over 1M wills

hilarious wtf dog facts


Dogs are the primary beneficiaries in about one million wills. “If I die, use the money to buy Buddy only the most premium of treats. If there’s money left over, take him on a relaxing trip to Cancun.”


#4 Dalmatians Grow Spots

hilarious wtf dog facts


Dalmatians are actually born white and develop spots as they grow older. For us, old age spots are considered bad. For them, it defines their character. Maybe we have a bit to learn from them.


#5 Dogs Dream

hilarious wtf dog facts


Yep, when your dog moves his feet during his sleep, he could be dreaming about running in the park. What’s your dog dreaming about? Check out the possibilities here.


#6 Dryer Sheets Can Cure Storm Fears

hilarious wtf dog facts


If your dog gets scared every time there is a thunderstorm, try rubbing a dryer sheet over his fur. Sometimes it’s not the sound that scares him, sometimes it’s the static electricity.


#7 Dogs Like Crappy Food For a Reason

hilarious wtf dog facts


Ever wonder why you can feed Rover dry, crappy tasting dog food and he will love it? It’s because he only has around 1,700 taste buds. Humans have about 9,000.


#8 Dogs Only Have Sweat Glands in their Paws

hilarious wtf dog facts

Ever wonder why dogs don’t have to be bathed as frequently as humans? Well, consider this: Dogs only have sweat glands in their paws. No armpit sweat or B.O. for them.


#9 Dogs Aren’t Color Blind

hilarious wtf dog facts

It’s a myth that dogs are color blind. They just don’t see colours as vividly as humans.


#10 70% of People Sign Cards with Their Dog’s Name

wtf funny dog facts

Hey, dogs are a part of the family, right? So, of course Buddy also wishes the grandparents a very Merry Christmas.

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