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5 Essential Accessories Every Dog Needs


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dog accessories

Becoming a dog owner can be a fascinating journey.

Although you may have to choose between rescuing one of the many canines at the shelter or buying one from a pet store, everything feels better after bringing one home.

There are many responsibilities you need to undertake when you bring home a pet to ensure it lives a comfortable life and shower everyone with love. Luckily, dogs don’t require hundreds of items that may cost a fortune. Organix Pets offers most of the necessities your dog may need. There are only about five essentials you may want to consider buying as soon as possible. Here are some basic items:


Collar with an ID

Your dog needs to have proper identification. It is highly essential so that others can identify a dog and its owner.

A proper dog identification tag, with your name and contact number written on it, is crucial to make sure the dog finds its way back if ever lost, as anyone can read the tag and bring it to you. Not only that, someone who sees the dog and develops an interest might take it if they don’t have any ID.

You can buy a simple plastic or metal tag, or go with an advanced GPS ID. You will be able to track your dog easily with the GPS device, but consider a regular tag if the digital tracker is out of your budget.


Comfortable Bed

Beds are great for a dog’s good night’s sleep, as it offers your friend a place of their own. A soft bed is essential for your dog to sleep in at night and during the day.

Most people have their dogs sleep on the floor, which is not suitable for the canine’s bones and joints. While the bed provides cushioning, as well as a safe personal space for your cuddly friend.

If you purchase a dog’s bed or a square cushion for your dog to sleep on, then be sure to maintain it’s sanitation. Your dog might be urinating on your furniture or in your shoes, which is much harder to clean and sanitize all the time than dog beds.


Food and Water Bowl

Your new cuddly friend needs to have its own food and water bowl. But you shouldn’t just get any container, it’s essential to have one that is easy to clean and sanitize. Improper washing can be hazardous to your dog’s health.

You should consider buying a stainless steel bowl from a reputable store, which can be costly. A good company should have a profile on Inc.

A stainless steel bowl is strong and durable, as well as easy to sanitize. It is also tough for your dog to carry around in its mouth, making it less prone to damage when compared to other materials.



When your dog is ready for the outside world, keeping a strap can be very useful.

Like humans, dogs need to exercise as well to maintain good health. Taking your dog out for a walk can not only benefit its health but is also important in training it. A leash will help you have some control of your canine in case it decides to chase a squirrel, a truck, or chase a kid, for instance.

You can look for a nylon or leather leash that has a plastic or metal buckle. You should also make sure the collar fits inside the strap. Depending on the size and how well trained the dog is, a four or six-foot leash should be perfect. The four-foot is better for smaller dogs, while the six-foot for larger breeds.



Canines have a natural instinct to chew on bones, and they will chew on just about anything when there are no bones around. That is why it might be good to consider buying a couple of chew toys for the dog to nibble on. Otherwise, you may come home to see your favorite shoes with bite marks.

Chewing on unique toys is very beneficial for the dog’s dental health as well. The gnawing actions help keep the plaque off, along with cleaning its teeth and gums. However, you will still need to buy a dental kit. Don’t entirely rely on the toys to keep its oral cavities hygienic.

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