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6 Things to Do With a Custom Dog Portrait

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custom dog portraits

One big trend in the pet world right now are custom dog portraits. And it’s easy to understand why.

Just like the finest Kings and Queens get their portrait painted and display it for decades to come, so can your pup.

Whether it’s a drawing, painting or digital rendering, the most common use is to simply hang it on your wall—but there’s a lot more you can do with them too.

In this post, we’re sharing 6 things you can do with custom dog portraits.


#1 Hang It

As we mentioned, the most obvious thing you can do with a dog portrait is to hang it. When you receive your artwork, the first step is to print it out on high-quality paper. From there, you can choose an appropriate frame to display it on your wall.

Remember that although your portrait comes in one size, you can adjust the size on your computer. So, if you have a particular frame you like, you can always change it as necessary.


#2 Use it as Your Computer Wallpaper

Many dog portraits are sent as a digital file versus a print version in the mail. This allows you to get it more quickly and since it’s a file, you can save it forever and reproduce it if needed.

One digital way of using your drawing is to resize it and use it as your desktop wallpaper. If the size isn’t fitting how you want, try inserting the image into a Canva template, adding a few elements and making your own correctly- sized wallpaper.


#3 Use it as Your Home Screen

Similarly, you can use your dog portrait as your home screen on your phone. That way, every time you check it, your dog brings a smile to your face 🙂

Again, if your photo isn’t fitting your screen how you want, you can try resizing it and adding a few elements using a Canva phone wallpaper template.


#4 Display in Your Pet’s Corner

Does your dog have a special place in the house where his cage, bed and bowls are? If so, consider displaying his artwork there. For example, I designated a lower shelf in my bookshelf for my dog. In that space, I place his water and food bowl with a piece of dog artwork behind them.

Another option is to put your dog portrait in a stand-up frame and place it on top of your dog’s cage or on a shelf above his cage. Need more ideas? Check out Dog Corner ideas on Pinterest for inspiration.


#5 Make a Photo Wall Display

If you have a blank wall, why not use your custom dog portrait as the beginning of a photo wall? Before you get started, plan out your layout according to the space (example here). You can choose to make it dog-themed, family-themed or no theme at all.

Then frame your portrait and begin working on the photos around it. Of course, you can purchase more artwork. If your budget is low though, you can search for printable artwork and printable quotes to frame. If needed, you can resize them before you print and hang.


#6 Gift It

Dog portraits are a great gift because they’re customized to your friend’s life in the most precious way. Of course, to make this a surprise, you’ll need to find a good picture of their dog to send to the artist. You can do this by scouring their social media. If there’s no high-quality pictures posted there, ask them over text for the best pic of their dog, saying something like, “I miss their cute face.”

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