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9 Very Fitting Things Every Millennial Dog Needs


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Millennial Dog

Every millennial dog needs a few millennial items.

In this post, we’re outlining 9 things every millennial dog needs.


Starbucks Toy

millennial dog, dog gift

We love our frappes and our pumpkin spice lattes. Now our dogs can too! (Sort of).

Get the Starbucks dog toy here.


His Own Instagram

dog instagram

Just like us, our dogs are doing some pretty important things that should be documented. He can take pics of his gourmet meals, the new toy he got or just some handsome selfies.


Avocado Toy

millennial dog, dog gift

Remember that time an Australian millionaire told millennials to stop buying avocado toast and they’d be able to afford a dream home? EMOJI. Let’s face it: Many of us like avocado, but it’s not the reason we can’t buy a home. Maybe avocado dog toys are the reason why our dogs can’t afford dog houses EMOJI SHRUG

Get the avocado dog toy here (the seed is a pop-out tennis ball—so cute!)

Organic, Free-Range Treats

millennial dog, dog gift

Some of us can be very careful about what we eat. Although our dogs would eat just about anything, they deserve something healthy yet delicious, too!

What about these organic, USA-made, non-GMO, free-range, no-added-hormones or preservatives dog treats.


Eco-Friendly Poop Bags

millennial dog, dog gift

You have to have poop bags, but it’s better for the environment if they’re biodegradable. They’re also leak-proof, which is really important if you ask us!

Buy the Eco-friendly, biodegradable poop bags here.


Weed Toy

millennial dog, dog giftMost millennials are for legalization—and so are our dogs (presumably). Now they can join in too (not really, but close as it should get).

Get a weed dog toy here.


A Side Hustle

dog side hustle

He can be a police dog, search dog, therapy dog or an actor. If you want him to stay close to home, he can be a guard dog. Either way, every millennial dog needs a side hustle ?


Pet Camera

millennial dog, dog gift

We love our dogs and we’d do anything to be with them all the time. And now we can—kind of. This camera allows you to see your dog with two-way audio.

Get the pet camera here.


Trump Toy

millennial dog, dog gift

Most millennials oppose everything Trump stands for. Now, your dog can finally get the chance to rip him apart.

Get the Trump toy here.

millennial dog gifts




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