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Binky’s Bacon Bakes: Dog Treat Bacon Recipe


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Binky is very proud I named these dog treats after him.

They’re filled with a pup’s favorite things: peanut butter, bacon and cheese.

Okay, these aren’t the healthiest dog treat recipe you’ll find. But still, they’re way better than the store-bought ones. And, every canine deserves to be spoiled once in a while.

These bacon and cheese dog treats are made using silicone molds. They pop out in a bone form, perfect for a bite-sized snack.

Are you ready to be (or keep being) your dog’s favorite person?

Get your apron on, Betty Crocker.

CAUTION: Beware of peanut butter brands containing xylitol. This is toxic to dogs can kill them. It’s often found in sugar-free brands as a sweetener.

Steps: Bacon Dog Treat Recipe

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Gather Supplies: To get started, you’ll need some bone silicone molds. I used this set from Amazonthey’re freezer and oven safe.

homemade dog treats recipes


Combine Ingredients: Use an electric mixer to combine the ingredients. Stir in the bacon and cheese (or if you’re lazy like me, mix it all together–still worked).

homemade dog treats recipes


Add Water: Add enough water to make it a thick cake batter-like consistency. How much you use depends on how much moisture is already in your batter. Nut butter types and different-sized eggs and bananas have varying moisture levels.

homemade dog treats recipes


Pour + Bake: You can use a measuring cup or small spoon to help you pour the batter. But since it’s thick, it’s tricky. I just poured it on the tray, tapping it and pressing it into the holes. To clean off all the excess batter before baking, run a butter knife horizontally over the tray’s surface and use a paper towel (see video).

homemade dog treats recipes


Feed: As you can see, Binky wasted no time before snatching a treat. Success.

dog treat recipes homemade


Binky’s Bacon Bakes

Follow the directions below

Binky’s Bacon Bakes

The homemade dog treat recipe that will make you any canine’s favorite person.

  • 1/3 c. Nut butter
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 Mashed banana
  • 1 c. Flour ((or flour alternative))
  • ~1/2 c. Water ((more or less to reach thick cake batter consistency))
  • 1/4 Chopped small bacon pieces
  • 2 tbsp. shredded and chopped cheese
  1. Preheat oven 350F

  2. Blend together egg, peanut butter, banana with an electric mixer. Add flour.

  3. Stir in bacon pieces and cheese.

  4. Add water until it reaches a thick cake batter consistency. It will be sticky. How much water you use depends on the water content/size of your egg, banana and nut butter brand. I started at 1/4 cup and ended up using ½ cup of water.

  5. Pour batter into molds in whatever way you choose. I made a mess to get each mold filled, then cleaned the top off with a knife after (see article for tip).

  6. Tap tray on counter to release air bubbles.

  7. Bake about 13-27 mins or until tops are golden (time depends on silicone size)

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dog treat recipes homemade


dog treat recipes homemade

dog treat recipes homemade

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