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Best Dog Treats for Training and Health | Cheap, Delicious Comparison Guide


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best dog treats on amazon

Every dog loves a delicious treat.

Whether it’s of the bone or soft, chewy variety, it can be difficult to find options that are tasty, healthy and affordable. If you’re training your dog, we’ve also included some great options for rewarding you canine after a trick well-done.

These options are low calorie but high in nutrients.


What to Look for in Dog Treats

Before choosing a dog treat, consider the following points to make the best decision for your pup.

  • Ingredients– Check the ingredients to see which benefits your pup can get from the treat
  • Allergies– If your dog is allergic to gluten or dairy, make sure to buy cookies free of those ingredients.
  • Size– If you’re looking for training treats, you’ll want to buy half bite-sized treats to keep the portions healthy. If you’re just looking for an occasional snack, consider a bone, dental or jerky chew.
  • Texture– Some dogs love a good chip-like crunch, while others prefer a chewier texture. Also, consider your dog’s health and whether their teeth could handle a harder biscuit. Senior dogs are often better with softer food rewards.

Best Dog Treats for Training & Snacks

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best amazon dog treats


best dog treats on amazon

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