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How to Convince Your Husband to Get a Dog: 9 Foolproof Methods


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convince someone to get a dog, how to convince your husband to get a dog


So, you want a dog but your husband (or parent or roommate) doesn’t.

But you really want one.

No, need one.

How could he/she not want a cute dog?

Don’t worry, we’re going to share 7 methods to convince your husband to get a dog.

Some of these methods may work better than others depending on their personality and opinions. We recommended trying a combination of them.

Here’s a few relationship communication tips to keep in mind when you’re talking to him about wanting a dog:

  • Talk in a calm voice. Don’t get frustrated and yell or even raise your voice. It will put him on the defense and you’ll get the opposite result.
  • Talk to him when he’s in a good mood. Don’t bring it up after a fight or after he’s had a bad day at work.
  • You can sit down and talk to him about it. Or you can talk to him a little bit each time, getting him slowly used to the idea.
  • Understand why you want a dog in the first place and be sure you and your family can take care of them. If you convince someone to get a dog and have to give it up because you didn’t realize the responsibility, it may mean you’re charming. But it also makes you a bad person. Dogs need forever homes too.


Methods to Convince Your Husband to Get a Dog


Method #1 Present a Logical Argument

Your first step should probably be to outline all the positives to having a dog.

Here’s some ideas:

  • It’s good companionship.
  • It forces you to get up early in the morning and gives you the motivation you need.
  • They keep you active. Could help you get or stay in shape.
  • Your social life may improve. You can go to dog classes, dog parks or meet people on walks.
  • It teaches your kids responsibility. (Or you as a couple if you want kids in the future).


Method #2 Have Comebacks to His Concerns

For example:

  • We don’t have enough time –> Make sure you do have enough time. Tell him what you’ll need to change about your schedule to accommodate a dog.
  • We don’t have enough money  –> Make sure you have enough money. Find out ways to save, like buying used crates, adopting a dog, etc. Tell him what you’ll cut out of your budget or what money you’ll need to set aside.
  • What if there’s an expensive vet bill?  –>  You can get dog insurance. You can set some money aside beforehand as an emergency fund. You can also reassure him buy getting a breed with less health problems.
  • There’s no one to watch the dog if we’re away  –> Plan beforehand who would watch your dog. Check which friends, family members or neighbors would be willing. Then tell him; you’ll automatically shut that point down!
  • I don’t know or want to train it –> Tell him that you’ll do the training or you’ll take him to obedience classes.

Method #3 Present It as The Better Option

Make it look like it’s a compromise between something.

For example, if you want a baby but he’s not ready yet, having a dog until then is a good compromise. Having to raise a dog will even get you ready for raising a baby in the future.

Or if he really hates cats, having a dog is better than having a cat. It’s a compromise. Read 14 love quotes about patience and compromise.


Method #4 Just Inundate Him With Cute Pics

how to convince your husband to get a dog

Dogs are so cute and sometimes it’s just too hard to resist.

Over time, keep showing him the cutest pictures of dogs and the cutest dog videos.

Tag him in cute dog videos on Facebook.

Text him adorable dog pics.

He’ll probably eventually grow fonder of dogs and wish he had one to pet himself.



Method #5 Let Him Know That It’s An Actual Fact Dogs Make Lives Better

Give him something he can’t argue with: facts. There’s actually a ton of studies that show that having a dog is beneficial.

Copy and paste this list and send it to him. Send him a fact a day. Read them out loud as you’re stating your case. However you do it, here’s the proof you’ll need:

  • Studies show that people who have dogs get sick less frequently. And when they do get sick, it’s much less severe than non-dog owners. (They can check the source here).
  • Growing up in a house with dogs makes a child less likely to develop allergies. You’re literally helping your kid by getting a dog. (They can check the source here).
  • Owning a dog puts you less at risk for heart disease. (They can check the source here).
  • People who have dogs are less likely to suffer from depression. (They can check the source here).
  • Having a dog helps beat depression. (They can check the source here).
    Weirdly enough, some dogs can sniff cancer and can alert you early. (They can check the source here).


Method #6 Appeal to His Sensitive Side

Go to a pet adoption website such as

Find a dog with a really sad but hopeful description attached.

Something like: “Little Bobby lived in an abusive home before being rescued by a citizen and brought to our shelter. He is timid and has some anxiety issues so he needs a family that is patient with him. He is in urgent need for adoption as he’s in a kill shelter that is full.”

Show him the dog’s picture and read the description. Say something like, “We’d be giving him a loving home and helping him become a happy dog. And he may be euthanized if he don’t!”

He may have an urge to help the dog and agree.


Method #7 Bring Him Around Dogs

If your husband doesn’t want a dog because he’s not used to them, have him slowly gain more exposure to dogs. Bring him to an animal shelter, volunteer, stop to pet dogs on the street, visit a friend’s dog. The more he gets used to dogs, the more he’ll warm up to the idea.

If he doesn’t like dogs because he’s had a bad experience with one, see if he’s willing to hang around some calm ones to get over the fear. If not, see if he’s willing to try therapy to get over his dog fear.


Method #8 Show Him He Can Use It As An Excuse

Having a dog gives you an abundance of great excuses everyone will believe.

  • “Sorry, Jim. We’re still getting our dog used to new people, so, unfortunately, you can’t stay at our house next month.”
  • “I can’t stay out too long. I have to take my dog out. He’s at home alone.”
  • “Sorry, I can’t work a long shift today. My dog is at home alone and I need to let him out.”
  • “Sorry, I have to leave early. I didn’t have time to let my dog out after work.”
  • “I have to cancel. I need to take my dog to the vet.”
  • “Sorry I’m late, my dog had an accident that I needed to take care of.”
  • “Oh, that smell? That’s the dog. He’s been farting a lot lately for some reason.”
  • “I can’t work Tuesday nights, my dog has obedience lessons.”\
  • “Sorry, I’m gonna have to leave early. My dogs got himself into some trouble at the doggy daycare.”
  • “It’s just too hard to travel with a dog now. You’re going to have to visit us this time.”


Method #9: It’s the Only Gift I want

how to convince your husband to get a dog

When he asks what you want for your birthday/Christmas/anniversary/Valentine’s Day, say you want a dog. When he laughs and says “what else?” Say nothing.

Sometimes guys are pretty clueless when it comes to gifts. If that’s the only hint you give him, it may be the safest option in his mind. With some luck, he may give in.

Starter Kit for Your Puppy

After convincing your husband, you should have all the supplies necessary to care for a dog. Here are a few starter kit ideas:

convince someone to get a dog


convince someone to get a dog, how to convince your husband to get a dog

convince parents to get dog 2

convince parents to get dog 2

convince parents to get dog

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