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Crystals for Dogs With Behavioral Problems and Past Traumas

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Our furry family members are sources of unconditional love and joy, but they also absorb energies from their environment. Dog and cat owners know that their pets can absorb their negative energies; therefore, they might need help to release those energies.

Pets’ abnormal or excessive behavior can be a sign that something is wrong. When your dog is acting strangely, the first step is to try figuring out what might be the root cause, making sure first that it’s not an underlying health condition. You should always seek evidence-based advice first. Consult your vet and other professionals, like behavioral experts and trainers, who can also help your pet deal with past traumas.

Once you’ve sought the advice of professionals, you can use spiritual tools to try to help your pet. Harnessing crystals’ positive energies are just one tool. As I mentioned before, dogs can absorb energy from the environment, including the energies emanated by crystals.

People have been using crystals since ancient times due to their benefits. Whether your dog’s behavioral issues derive from physical, mental, or emotional causes, I believe crystals can help.

Your furry friend will probably become less hyperactive, destructive, or vocal if he has a good emotional balance, and one of the ways to achieve that is to surround him with crystals.

Besides their calming, peaceful energy, crystals can also have uplifting, energizing properties, helping fearful, shy or lethargic dogs to socialize more and be less scared of humans or other pets.

crystals for dogs dog healing

Crystals for Dogs with Aggressive Behavior

Dogs’ aggression is a serious problem that usually results from stress, frustration, fear, or other emotional issues. While trying to eliminate the causes or seeking professional help to rule out the possibility of underlying physical conditions, crystals with a calming vibe can also help aggressive dogs.

Placing crystals with a soft, peaceful vibe in dogs’ environment can make them feel calmer, more balanced emotionally, and less prone to destructive behavior.

Dogs can feel frustrated when they feel neglected, so make sure you are playing with your furry friend, and get him to exercise to use up his physical and mental energy.

Recommended crystals for aggressive dogs:

  • Amethyst is known as the crystal world’s natural stress-reliever and it’s an excellent calming crystal for nervous, aggressive, or hyperactive dogs.
  • Sodalite is another crystal with a calming vibe, suitable for anxious and aggressive pets. I also recommend it for abandoned puppies to help them develop harmoniously and build up courage and confidence.
  • Rhodonite is another excellent stone for emotional balance. This beautiful pink stone radiates peaceful energy that helps in calming nervous, irascible, or stressed dogs.

Crystals for Dogs with Excessive Vocalizing

Pets vocalize because of various reasons. Excessive barking, whining, groaning, or howling for no apparent reason are considered behavioral problems. Besides being disturbing for you and your neighbors, excessive vocalization can signal that something is wrong with your dog.

A vet or an experienced trainer can help you find the underlying causes: illness, pain, cognitive dysfunction syndrome, or a decline in hearing in your senior dog. Other causes of excessive vocalization are stress, anxiety, and frustration.

The following crystals can be helpful:

  • Smoky Quartz, known as one of the best crystals for grounding, emanates protective energy and can bring stability and a sense of security.
  • Blue Tourmaline is another grounding stone that helps to reduce aggression and nervousness, bringing calm and a sense of serenity.
  • Rose Quartz, the stone of love, kindness, and compassion, emanates soothing energies that can ease nervous tension and frustration.

Crystals for Dogs Struggling with Separation Anxiety

Pets, just like us, humans suffer from separation anxiety and become nervous when their owners are away. You can help your dog deal with the issue in many ways, and using calming crystals is one of them.

Recommended crystals for dogs struggling with separation anxiety:

  • Blue Lace Agate has a peaceful vibe; it’s one of the best crystals to alleviate separation anxiety.
  • Moonstone carries cooling energies that can reduce fiery emotions such as anger and frustration and calm nervous tension. It is also an ideal stone for dogs that react impulsively.

Crystals for Shy or Fearful Dogs

Under-socialized dogs may fear people, other animals, or anything else in their immediate environment; their fear might turn to aggression when they feel threatened. While you try to find out and eliminate the cause of the fear and seek professional help, crystals with an uplifting vibe can also be beneficial.

People have used gemstones and crystals to enhance their courage and confidence since ancient times. So, why not use them to boost the morale of your dog?

The following crystals bring that well-needed energy boost for shy, weak, or elderly dogs:

  • Tiger’s Eye enhances confidence, endurance, and stamina.
  • Carnelian boosts vitality and confidence, helping dogs to adapt to new situations, like a new environment or new pets.
  • Citrine has a joyful vibe and is an ideal crystal for lethargic or abused pets.

Crystals for Rescue Pets with Behavioral Problems

Unfortunately, not all pets have luck when it comes to their owners and homes. Some of them end up being mistreated and abused until they are rescued. Rescue dog owners know that the animals must go through a long process of healing, releasing accumulated fear and stress, and regaining confidence in themselves and others.

When you adopt a dog from a shelter or a rescue organization, you need to learn how to manage his special needs. You will need to help him ease his insecurities, build his confidence, and strengthen the bond between you.

Your dog will eventually leave the past behind and open up to new experiences. Create a safe space where you can build up your furry family member’s trust and create that loving bond you both need.

Recommended crystals for rescue dogs:

  • Rose Quartz, Moonstone, and Angelite have gentle, soothing energies that can help ease your pet’s traumas from past mistreatment and abuse.
  • Prehnite is another excellent crystal when you want to support your pet’s physical and emotional wellbeing. It can alleviate deep fears and provide energetic support during your pet’s healing process.
  • Clear Quartz crystal is another go-to stone when you want to support your pet’s physical and emotional recovery.
  • Citrine is another great choice for sad or lethargic dogs, as brings a sense of overall well-being and a sense of joy.

How to Use Crystals to Help Dogs with Behavioral Problems

crystals for dogs

Below are a few ideas on how you can use crystals to help your dog.

  • Display crystal geodes or clusters in your dog’s living area or place them near your pet’s bedding (be careful your pet doesn’t break off crystals. To avoid choking hazards, place crystals on a shelf near your pet’s bed that’s out of reach)
  • The most fashionable and practical use for your pet to absorb the energy of crystals throughout the day is to wear crystal charms attached to their leash or collar. A colorful crystal charm will make your dog look even more adorable. You can also sync your accessories with your pet charms by wearing these versatile crystal charms attached to your handbag, backpack, or keychain. Ensure crystals are securely attached so they don’t break off and pose choking hazards.
  • Another fashionable way to sync with your dog’s crystal charm is to wear a matching gemstone bracelet; this way, you’ll also benefit from the stone’s energy.

When we want to help our beloved pets, we put our faith in modern medicine and science to help them recover faster, but I think, trying some alternative methods can also be beneficial.

Crystals may not be the first solution that comes to your mind when you seek solutions to help your dog. Still, I recommend you to try them out. It will amaze you how efficient these shiny stones can be, regardless of what might cause your dog’s problems.


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Xenia Mateiu is the owner of The Village Rock Shop, a local gift shop in Carlsbad, California, selling crystals, gemstones, unique handmade jewelry, and other locally sourced natural products. She is the proud owner of Hero, a beautiful Maltese dog.

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