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How To Make Your Puppy Take A Nap At Night


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dog sleep


Dog Sleeping Habits

Not sure how long your dog should be sleeping for? Dogs should sleep for about twelve to fourteen hours per day. After being awake some period of time, dogs again start to sleep. You may have a wonder if that’s normal or if your dog is sleeping too much. Experts predict that dogs sleep 50% of the day. Sometimes, dogs start to sleep even more while they’re in their growing stages.


Types of Dog Sleep

Dog sleep begins with a quiet and active sleep. Sometimes, dogs are a bit active during sleep. They bark, yelp and whine while laying down. In the middle of active sleep, they may show rapid physical movement.

Dogs basically show more activeness in night time and sleepy moods in the daytime. Owners keep their dogs busy for a couple of hours while playing with them or walking them. Other than this, dogs won’t have many physical activities during daytime. So we can conclude the reason for the sleeping habits of the dog.



Primary Factors That Influence Dog Sleeping Issues


Dog’s Age

Sleep is connected with the age of the dog. Newborn puppies, as well as old aged dogs, sleep more than middle-aged dogs. Senior dogs sleep many hours because of their relaxed schedule. They are not provided with any physical activities due to their old age. The larger breeds and smaller breeds sleep according to their age. You can even notice the habits of older dogs. They are lazier and have less to do than younger pups. They simply close their eyes and lay on the floor. They do not show any response to your commands.


Breed of Dog

The Breed of the dog may also play a significant role in the sleep habits of the dog. Natural breeds have a fair amount of sleep. If the dog does not have time-consuming activities, it loves to sleep for the whole day.


Health Issues

When dogs sleep for an extended period of time, it may suffer from internal health issues. It is best to visit the vet for annual checkup to see if there’s anything wrong. You can get a lot of details in best for more queries.


Changes in Lifestyle

Relocating a dog can make the dog stressed and sometimes depressed. It takes a lot of time to adapt to the particular environment, which includes changes in sleeping patterns.



Dogs sometimes get depressed due to their loss over someone. Depression makes a dog tired and lazy. You may also notice changes in sleeping and eating patterns.


Diabetic Dogs

It is necessary to watch the behaviour of dogs. Due to lack of exercise and food habits, some dogs may become diabetic. This may affect their sleep habits. It is necessary to keep an eye on your pet’s activities.



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