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Portuguese Podengo Pequeno: Everything You Want to Know

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Portuguese Podengo Pequeno

Portuguese Podengo Pequenos are an ancient hunting dog with origins in Portugal.

They are medium sized breed with pointy ears and a long, short but sturdy body. They are typically either a yellowish or brown color, but can be black or grey, sometimes with white marks.

To learn more about the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno, keep reading.


Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Quick Stats

  • Size:  Medium, short and long-bodied
  • Weight: Up to 13 lbs.
  • Height: 8-12 inches
  • Coat: Short or long, either smooth or wiry
  • Grooming: Low maintenance- Just regular bathing and nail trimming
  • Color: Yellowish, brown, black or grey sometimes with white marks
  • Lifespan: 12-15 years
  • Health: Generally healthy
  • Hypoallergenic: No, sheds seasonally
  • Temperament: Good
  • Cost: $800-1,000


Portuguese Podengo Pequeno: An Overview

Portuguese Podengo Pequeno

There are 3 types of Portuguese Podengo:

  1. Portuguese Podengo Pequeno (small)
  2. Portuguese Podengo Médio (medium)
  3. Portuguese Podengo Grande (large)

Pequeno’s are the smallest type of Portuguese Podengo, but they’re still fast, smart and active. They were originally bred to catch small game meat in Portugal. Some people think the Podengo in general was bred from several hound breeds to catch the rats running around on ships. The largest Podengo breed can hunt bigger animals, like boar.

Although the history of Podengo goes long back, their history in the U.S. is pretty recent. They were imported in the 1990s, and are now recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC)


Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Grooming

In terms of grooming, Portuguese Podengo Pequeno are pretty easy. Every dog requires regular bathing when they get dirty and nail trimming when they get too long. Portuguese Podengo’s are the same. Regular brushing is also a good idea. But they don’t require any special grooming, so you’ll save yourself some money.

They shed seasonally and their hair texture is typically either wiry or soft.


Portuguese Podengo Training

Portuguese Podengo’s are intelligent dogs, which means they’re generally easier to train. Within a few short training sessions, they should get a new trick no problem. They are great dogs to participate in agility training because they’re intelligent and active.

Podengo’s like owners who are strong, level-headed and can stand their ground. If not, they can become stubborn and test you with bad behavior.


Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Socialization and Temperament

As with any dog, it’s important that Portuguese Podengo puppies interact with other dogs and humans early on. That socialization should continue throughout their life to help develop a good temperament. In general, Portuguese Podengos have a good temperament and are good with children and other dogs.

They typically aren’t yappy dogs, but they bark when necessary (ex. sudden noise, knock on the door, etc.). In this way, they are good watchdogs and will alert you if anything strange happens. To prevent him from being too easy to startle and bark, ensure he meets a lot of strangers during his puppy years.


Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Exercise

The Portuguese Podengo make be short, but she’s powerful and fast! As with any dog, she’ll need daily exercise, but something a little more rigorous. They are originally bred to hunt rabbits, so as you can imagine, they require some cardio exercise every day.

Since they’re hunting dogs, they can have a tendency to run off as soon as they catch a whiff of something interesting. That could be fetch or a long walk, but he’ll need to work off her energy so she doesn’t bring it into the house.  Since they’re hunting dogs, they may tend to wander, so it’s a good idea to keep him in a closed off area or on a leash.


Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Health

Portuguese Podengo Pequenos are generally healthy dogs. However, that depends on their genetics and the medical history of their parents. If you’re purchasing from a breeder or adopting, ask the person about how healthy the pup’s family is. If you’re adopting, that information may not be known. However, if you’re purchasing a dog, a good breeder will know about what her specific dogs are prone to.

Portuguese Podengo’s are one of the healthier breeds, but could have health issues like eye problems, patellar luxation (kneecap dislocation) and hip dysplasia.


Where to Get a Portuguese Podengo

Portuguese Podengo Pequeno

Our first recommendation is always to adopt a dog rather than purchase. You can search for Podengo rescue groups in your area on Google. You can also search for the breed on popular rescue sites, such as Petfinder.com or ask your local shelter to keep an eye out for you.

If you’re looking for a breeder, you can do a Google search for one in your area. You can also find breeders on the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Club of America website. Be wary of buying from puppy mills and know the warning signs. Learn more about puppy mills here.


Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Pros and Cons

Learning about Portuguese Podengo Pequeno’s benefits and disadvantages can help you contemplate how the dog will fit in your lifestyle.


  • Apartment and big-house friendly— They’re small and good guard dogs, so they’re ideal for guarding apartments. If you don’t have a backyard area, you’ll need to take her out for long walks, runs or fetch sessions daily. They’re also perfect for farms or those with huge backyards because they can burn off their energy there easily.
  • Easy to train— As long as you’re consistent and assertive, you’ll probably have an easier time training a Portuguese Podengo Pequeno. They catch on pretty quickly.
  • Good for families— Since they generally have a good temperament, they’ll probably be great with your children and other dogs.
  • Watchdogs— They’ll let you know if a stranger is approaching the house or if they hear something off.
  • Easy grooming— You don’t need to worry about taking them to the groomers every few weeks. Regular and simple maitence will keep their coat healthy.
  • Healthy— Since Portuguese Podengo Pequeno aren’t known for many health issues, it’s less likely you’ll have chronic problems.


  • Cardio exercise— Since they’re hunting dogs, they require a bit more exercise than the typical small dog breed. She’ll benefit best from a long walk or run.
  • Expensive— A purebred Portuguese Podengo Pequeno can cost anywhere from $800-$1,000. Of course, you could always adopt.
  • Apartment living more difficult— While these dogs can live in a small apartment if they’re getting exercise, it will be more difficult and time-consuming. Instead of just letting your dog out for a yard run, you’ll need to take her on a farily lengthy walk once or twice a day.


Should You Get a Portuguese Podengo Pequeno?

Portuguese Podengo Pequeno

Ask yourself these questions to figure out if it’s the right breed for you.

  • Active lifestyle?— If you love going on hikes or exploring the forest, Podengo’s can have infinite amounts of energy, so you can take him along. You won’t need to be worried about him being too tired to continue the journey. If you’re an overly lazy person, a Podengo isn’t a good idea for you
  • Ability to train?— You need to have the time and patience to train your dog in his puppy years. This should be pretty easy, but if you don’t, he can become stubborn.
  • Ability to socialize?— As with considering any dog, you need to consider whether you have the time to socialize them with other dogs and people. If you don’t, your dog could become overly sensitive to strangers and could act out.


Cute Portuguese Podengo Pequenos

Portuguese Podengo Pequenos Puppies


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