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When Do Puppies’ Eyes Open?


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when do puppies eyes open

When Do Puppies’ Eyes Open?

If you’re raising a litter of puppies, you may be wondering, “when do puppies’ eyes open?”

Surprisingly, puppies are born with their eyes closed and they remained closed for at least the first week after birth.

During this time, they do not require a lot of human attention; their mother will provide care. For the most part, you should leave the mother and puppies alone during at this time. Consider this: Puppies are totally helpless in the first weeks. They can’t walk, see, hear and don’t even have teeth to eat by themselves. Leaving them in the comfort of their mother is the best thing for them in the first few weeks.

Even after they are born, the eyes are still taking form. The reason their eyes stay shut for so long, compared to human babies, is because the eyelids protect this development from any debris or light.

Somewhere between the first and second week, the puppy’s eyes will open. Do not try to force his or her eyes open. When you check their eyes, you may see a little tearing and that their eyes are open just ever so slightly. How quick a puppy’s eyes open depends on their breed; some breeds develop quicker and others take a little longer, and that’s normal. In addition, puppies in the same litter will open their eyes at different rates. Just like human babies develop quicker than others, so do dogs.

If a puppy’s eyes do not open after 14 days, you should consult your vet. This could be due to an infection, in which case, you may see fluid leaking from his or her eye. If this occurs, you should take him or her to a vet immediately. If you notice swelling under the eyelid, you should also seek medical attention. Some puppies may still be healthy, but will take up to 16 or 18 days for their eyes to develop enough to open.

puppies, when do puppies eyes open

After their eyes finally open, they will start to grow more rapidly and should be attempting to stand. The opening of a puppy’s eyes signals the beginning of significant growth in which more human attention will be required. At this time, you can begin introducing soft food.

Even when their eyes are fully open, puppies’ vision will be blurry and will improve as they mature. At this point, he or she may be responding mainly through hearing or scent, as opposed to vision.

So, when do puppies’ eyes open fully without blurry vision? Around the fourth or fifth week, the puppies’ eyesight will be almost fully developed. Remember that puppies are babies and their development can’t be rushed or forced. If you have any concerns, contact your vet.


Cute Videos of Puppies’ Eyes Opening

When do puppies open their eyes? In the view below, this pup opens them at just 12 days old. So adorable.

Starter Kit for Your Puppy

Before your puppies’ eyes open, you should all the supplies necessary to care for a developed dog. Here are a few start kit ideas:


when do puppies open their eyes

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