Every owner struggles to find a dog food that is both affordable and healthy.

After reviewing Pure Balance Dog food, we think we’ve come up with a pretty good option.

Since their recipes are grain free, it’s usually a great option for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Health-fanatics who want their dogs to follow in their footsteps and go gluten-free will be pleasantly surprised.

In this post we cover all the details you want to know about Pure Balance dog food:

  • Types
  • Ingredients
  • Nutritional value
  • Manufacturer/who to contact for questions and concerns
  • Review of what other dog owners are saying
  • How to switch your dog’s food

Wanna learn more? Keep reading.

Types of Pure Balance Dog Food

Pure Balance Dog Food has a couple of different flavors:



The “Pure Balance Promise” states that they “believe in one pure and simple thought – the best nutrition for your dog starts with the best ingredients.”

We decided to look at the ingredients to put that idea to the test.

Just by looking at the ingredient deck, you can tell this is a healthier than average dog food. For example, on one ingredient’s list, you will find brown rice, pea protein, chicken meal and flaxseed. The first ingredient on many recipes – which means it’s the most used — is a type of meat, like chicken or salmon.

There are only a few ingredients on the list that provide little or no nutritional value.

Pure Balance says none of their dog food recipes contain corn, wheat or soy. This could make it a good option if your pup has a sensitive stomach or if grain makes him a little itchy. If you need grain-free dog food on a budget, Pure Balance is a solid option.

The brand touts real meat and antioxidants that contribute to a healthy immune system. There are also added vitamins and minerals.

The downside is that many of Pure Balance’s foods may have too many carbs for some owner’s liking.

While it’s not healthier than making your own specialized dog food at home, it gives you the most bang for your buck. It’s one of the healthier dog food options out there and it’s also one of the cheapest.

It depends on the flavor, but on Amazon you can get a 7lb bag for less than $10. Other options go up to $20 for a 4lb bag.

Another bonus? There hasn’t been any recalls for Pure Balance Dog Food. Overall, it has pretty good consumer reviews on other sites as well.

For dog owners who are also cat owners, there’s also Pure Balance cat food.

Who Manufactures Pure Balance Dog Food?

There’s many questions concerning who manufactures Pure Balance dog food, so we reached out to both Wal-Mart and The J.M. Smucker Company. Here’s what we found out.

Some Pure Balance products are manufactured by Ainsworth Pet Nutrition LLC on behalf Wal-Mart, who private labelled the dog food. Ainsworth was sold to J.M. Smucker in 2018, but still remains the manufacturer of some, but not all, Pure Balance products.

If you have concerns or questions about any Pure Balance food, you should call the number printed on the package, which is Wal-Mart’s Customer Service Department.  That phone number is 1-877-307-2192. You can also visit Walmart.com to submit an email under the customer service tab.

Last year, Wal-Mart made a promotional video about Pure Balance:


Switching to Pure Balance Dog Food

It should be noted that every dog reacts differently to certain foods. When trying out a new food, we recommend buying a small bag to test it out first. Start off by mixing a little bit of the new food into the old food. Gradually increase that amount to slowly wean your dog off the old food. Be sure to keep an eye on your dog to see how he reacts. According to Pure Balance dog food reviews, dogs who try Pure Balance dog food grow a better coat and have better digestion.

However, every dog reacts differently. Adverse reactions could include constipation or pure balance dog food, although this can also be the effect of your dog adjusting to new food. If your dog doesn’t adjust to Pure Balance or any other dog food, you should consider switching.

If you’re interested in trying out Pure Balance Dog Food, you can purchase it on Amazon.


Pure Balance Dog Food Reviews: Real Owners

If you’re asking yourself, “Is Pure Balance a good dog food?” reading Pure Blance dog food reviews is a good place to start. You can view the reviews on each site individually, but here’s an overview for your convenience.

Many reviews on Influenster, a product review website, report that Pure Balance has improved their dog’s coats, skin, digestion and more. The reviews are specifically for the Lamb and Brown Rice formula.

  • “This is the ONLY grocery store brand I will ever buy for my dogs. it’s actually better for your dog than Blue Buffalo or Royal Canin,” one reviewer wrote.
  • “I switched her over to this dog food because she was always throwing up and had an upset stomach about twice a week. I got it because it said it was for sensitive stomachs. Now my dog never has any stomach issues and she loves meal time now,” another reviewer said.
  • “Her coat has been looking healthier as well. It doesn’t have a bad smell on her breath either hahaha. Good value for the money.”
  • “I changed my dogs food at least 20 times because he just didn’t seem to enjoy it. He loves the chicken and rice blend he will even do tricks for it.”
  • “It’s healthy for our handsome boy and it gets along with his sensitive tummy. Also his coat is more shiny than it ever was when we first got him over a year ago. This is a great healthy food that is very inexpensive.”

Pure Balance is currently rated #68 in Influencer’s dog food section.

On reviewhub.net, some reviewers commented on the Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe. Here’s what they said:

  • “My Italian greyhounds (toy breed) love this food and the size of the kernels works for smaller dogs. I like how this brand has healthier ingredients and is readily available.”
  • “My dog devours this food, so he enjoys the taste. Just as importantly, I know the food is good for him and nutritous. There is a noticeable change in the softness and shine to his coat.”
  • “I did a lot of research trying to find a good healthy dog food that would not break our bank. This did the trick…could immediately tell a positive difference in our dogs weight, activity, and coats. Won’t ever buy anything else..even switched our cat to this brand.”

Since we’ve published this post, we’ve gotten several emails of owners claiming that they’ve finally found a food their dog enjoys and doesn’t react to. Some have also said that they’ve noticed changes in their pup’s coat. Of course, dog food isn’t a one-size fits all thing- we’ve heard of some dogs who Pure Balance doesn’t work for.

Watch other Pure Balance Dog Food Reviews


One Dog’s Reaction to Pure Balance’s Salmon and Pea Dog Food


The Bottom Line

Pure Balance Dog Food is one of the healthiest dog foods you can buy at an affordable price. We bought two flavors for our own dog and he gobbled it up. While he doesn’t have any sensitive stomach issues, we think it’s still important that his only meal of the day is top-quality. His coat seems to be shinier as well. Overall, we’d recommend it.

If you have any questions or complaints about Pure Balance, please scroll above to the “Who Manufactures Pure Balance Food” section. We’ve received many emails of praise or questions about the food. We appreciate them, but we are just the reviewers- not the manufacturer 🙂


Have you tried Pure Balance Dog Food? Comment below which flavor is your dog’s favorite.








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  1. John Hendrickson on

    Good Morning,
    I tried a block (log) of Pure Balance Grain free formula food for dogs on my long hair wiener dog this week. I was not unlike a block of pressed wood and, of course, Cooper would not touch it. In the past Cooper has not been a picky eater, but he wouldn’t come close to this stuff.
    Is there a trick to serving the log? It was hard, would not dissolve when mashed with a knife and fork and had absolutely no fragrance. I only invested a small amount and am not looking for a refund, but what am I missing here?
    Best regards
    John Hendrickson

    • Hi John,
      Can you send us a link to the exact product you bought? We’re not aware of any blocks/log dog food by Pure Balance. Sounds like you may have bought an expired product!

  2. Patricia Tolbert on

    I’ve always used Pedigree, cause I thought it was the best. I overlooked that my boy didn’t like that brand, hr was shedding a lot, scratched a lot and his feet were always red.Here I was thinking I must do something to help him. I’m thinking maybe it was his shampoo, or the grass. I happened to see this guy in Wal-Mart pick up this Pure Balance Grain Free bag , so I walked over a looked at the price and thought this is expensive. I started reading the label and thought I’ll get a small bag and try it first. I walked through the door and he ran up to me stared jumping up and down. I gave him a small about and he just gobbled it up. We are on our 3rd bag and guess what, he sheds less, scratching is very minimal and his feet are not red. He has not had any stomach problem, and no vomiting. It helps when you introduce the switch of sog food gradually. I love Pure Balance Grain Free (Super Food Blend). I haven’t tried the can food just yet, but I will gradually incorporate it with the dry food.

    • Chella Anne on

      My husband and I had the same thing happen as you, with our 3 small rescue dogs. Switched from Pedigree to Pure Balance after the 2 Pedigree recalls from purported rat poison in Chinese grain. Total boost in health of all three of our dogs simultaneously. Pure Balance costs a little more yes, but the peace of mind is totally worth it. These big companies think we don’t know our dogs. But for most dog owners, they are like family. They live with us every day. Believe me, we pay attention to the difference their food makes.

  3. My daughter and I switched over yo your brand of dog food….omg they love the food and seem more happy and less sluggush

  4. I’m looking for answers on your cat food. The pure balance dog food is what I feed my dog because she loves it, shiny coat, no dandruff, more frisky ( she’s 15) and poops less .
    I enheirited a cat from my sister. I switched him to the Pure Balance. We’re on our 3rd bag. He was doing so much better. Lost weight, better coat and is more healthy. But now he acts like he has fur balls. Keeps hacking and I found a couple piles of throw up on the other morning. ( thank goodness on the lino) . It was my understanding that pure balance had an ingredient in It to dissolve the hair ? He woke me up again last night hacking and gagging. Poor thing. Do I need to switch him again?

    • Hi Renata,

      Is it possible that your cat was sick from something else? For further information about Pure Balance’s ingredients or concerns, we recommend contacting Wal-Mart since they are the main marketers of the food. If your cat is still sick, we recommend contacting your vet.

      • Wal-mart is the Marketer/distributor of the product, NOT the MANUFACTURER! YOUR COMPANY IS THE RESPONSIBLE PARTY IF THE FOOD IS MAKING THE ANIMALS SICK!!

        • Hi Jessica,

          You are correct. As we stated above, Wal-Mart is the main marketer of Pure Balance and as such, contacting them also may be beneficial if there’s a product that should be pulled off the shelf.

          The actual manufacturer we believe is Ainsworth Pets. You can contact them at customerservice@ainsworthpets.com if there’s any issues. We (Yo Doggy Dog) do not sell or make the dog food.

  5. my dog loves the salmon and sweet potato canned food but I cant find it anymore. he likes the dry as well but I like to mix the canned with the dry. i was wondering if the canned has been discontinued because i have been unable to find it .

      • No they do not. If you try to find it online it says out of stock. We also can not find it anywhere. Is there another store we find it at?

        • You’re right. It is out of stock now and it seems to be out of stock everywhere we’ve checked! We’re not sure if it’s just out of stock or discontinued, but you may want to consider trying another flavor. Sorry!

    • we had given our 2 lg dogs the dry salmon grain free & one is over weight & the other had a bout w/ mange & lost alot of hair. I tried to get an msds on the salmon because farm raised usually Norwegian salmon poses a problem w/ people & pets, but you need to research that for your self.. Possibly the co. may be looking into the source of the salmon.. To us it’s critical to know if it is “wild caught” or NOT ! Ck utube they show you farm raised fish & what they feed those poor things & of course give them plenty of pestacides to krrp bacteria & such from killing them in such close growing space. They say the problem is also in the pelletted food they are raised on..Pkgs do say wild & free on the bag, but that may not relate to where the salmon comes from…!! good luck in your search..

  6. Peggy Johnston on

    One of my 6 dogs has a gluten allergy, therefore, I switched all to a grain-free dog food. My dogs loved Natures Recipe Grain-free chicken, but the dog with the allergy continued to itch. Then, I learned chicken fat has gluten in it. This means it’s not really grain-fee. I switched to grain-free salmon by Nutro Max, because it was a little less expensive than Nature’s Recipe and a larger bag. However, Nutro Max stopped making a salmon variety. A lady who purchased two puppies from me told me about Pure Balance. I checked it out on another review page, and observed it was given a very high mark, so I bought it, mixing it with the other brand I had until it was totally Pure Balance. The dog with allergies does not itch, and lost almost 20 pounds! Another dog who was a little overweight also lost a few pounds. All of my dogs love Pure Balance Salmon grain-free. The price is less than Nature’s Recipe.

    My only complaint is that a 24 pound bag is too small. Five of my dogs are 80 – 90 pounds. A 24-pound bag does not last a week. A 30-pound bag would be a better size. The price would be a little more, but it would last an entire week. Lasting a whole week is more important to me than the cost of 6 more pounds of food.

    How about it Pure Balance? The other varieties are 30 pounds. Why not the Salmon? Sam’s Club has a grain-free salmon dog food. Do you want me to switch or do you want me to stay with you?

  7. I recently purchased a bag of your dog food for small breeds, in this bag the size of food is mixed (first time this has happened) and my 5lb Yorkie had trouble with the big bites. Hope my next bag isn’t like this. Been using this product for over 5years

  8. Richard Wainwright on

    We buy pure balance for both our dogs.. We have a medium sized dog and a small dog.. for the small dog we buy the dog food in the single serving plastic containers..We buy the 12 packs for him and the other night was no different.. it was time to feed the dogs and we open one of the containers to feed the small dog and we all about fell out from the horrible stench that came out of the container!! All of us started dry heaving and had to run out of the house.. this food was so black and the smell was just horrible..it took everything I had in me to rush in the house.. get that container and get it outside to the trash can.. now the outside near my trash cans smells so horrible and it took 2 days to get the stench out of our house. The stench was so horrible I could not take pics .. I couldnt get that close to it for me to document it.. I threw the whole 12 pack away and would not return in fear that the store would open the pack and sell the packs individually.. I was not going to let that happen to another dog owner or pet. Not sure we are going to stick with pure balance.. which is a shame..

  9. Patricia Schwiderson on

    Hi, alot of people on pet pages on FB ask about types of food and brands to use..I have been extremely happy with both the grain free cat and dog foods you sell. I’ve explained the differences in them and if they have kittens to feed them appropriately of course. Myself working in veterinary offices for quite some time I hope that people realize how important it is to pay attention to what they are feeding their pets. Keeping them healthy to start with keeps them out of the vets office and saves them money ?

  10. I was having a hard time finding grain free & poultry free dog food. I seen your product at our local Wal mart read the ingredients of the Salmon seen no poultry was so happy. Now i bought a bag read the ingredients and it has chicken fat!!! Your product was the one that my dogs loved & I could afford now I’m back to not knowing what I can feed them. Why did you start putting poultry in your Salmon? I’m not the only pet owner who has dogs with poultry & grain allergies.

  11. Nanci Noel Smith on

    switching my GS over…has always eat the other brand but occasional throw ups and lots of yukky poop…since adding pure balance…no throw ups and firm poop which is a blessing when you have to clean it up…what a blessing

  12. Who makes this? I have been purchasing the canned dog food that is supposed to be formulated without Corn, Wheat, or Soy…. For two months my dog, who has a corn allergy, has been itching like mad… Low and behold, there is CORNSTARCH in the ingredients. Formulated without corn my rear!

    • Hi Kathleen! Thanks for pointing this out. We’re trying to sort out who manufacturers it now and will update the article as we find out.

    • Just an update: We reached out to both Wal-Mart and The J.M. Smucker Company. Some Pure Balance products are manufactured by Ainsworth Pet Nutrition LLC on behalf Wal-Mart, who private labelled the dog food. Ainsworth was sold to J.M. Smucker in 2018, but still remains the manufacturer of some, but not all, Pure Balance products.

      If you have concerns or questions about any Pure Balance food, you should call the number printed on the package, which is Walmart’s Customer Service Department. That phone number is 1-877-307-2192. You can also visit Walmart.com to submit an email under the customer service tab.

      Thanks again for bringing this to our attention ?

    • Hi Laurie, we’re not vets, so we can’t medically answer that. However, we’d recommend slowly introducing it still because the ingredients are likely to vary based on flavor and may affect your dog if the change is sudden.

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