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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Dog Need Clothes


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 dog clothes

With the growing popularity of canine fashion, we are always getting questions on whether it’s right to dress a pooch.

This is a puzzling question, and the answer to this will depend on a plethora of factors.

For instance, if you notice your dog shivering violently, it might be an indicator you need to consider dressing your dog.

Sure, dogs, like a majority of the animals, have a natural skin that will protect them against the extremities of Mother Nature. However, there are some exceptional classes such as puppies, seniors, and short-haired breeds that require additional warmth during winter.

Again, let’s not forget that some of the breeds are not genetically wired to the environment they find themselves in, and might, therefore, get uncomfortable with changes in weather.

But the weather is just one of the reasons; in this post, we will highlight the top five reasons why you should dress up your dog.



Like in human beings, clothes play an integral role in keeping dogs warm.

Warmth is necessary, particularly for the short-haired breeds, hairless dogs or the shaved/clipped dogs.

For the above-mentioned dogs, their coats do not provide adequate protection from the cold, and therefore, they find it quite challenging to create enough body warmth.

Young puppies and small dogs usually lose a lot of body heat than their larger counterparts, and dressing them up will prevent them from shaking and freezing.

However, not all dogs will need to wear clothes because of the warmth. Some of the breeds such as Huskies, Cairn Terriers, Pomeranians, and Newfoundland will cope exceptionally well in chilly environments.

On the other hand, Chihuahuas, Greyhounds, and Labradors are pretty susceptible to cold and will require dressing.


Health Issues

Like humans, dogs do get ill, and when they do, their immune system weakens.

With a weakened immune system, dogs are susceptible to cold and other conditions.

Some of the conditions, for instance, Cushing’s disease, usually have a significant impact on your dog’s coat, and this makes your pooch liable to cold and shivering, both indoors and outdoors.

In case your dog gets ill, and you start to notice slight and violent shivering, you will need to dress them up to protect her against the harshness of the elements.


Stay Cool

Traditionally, clothes have been associated with generating warmth, but they can as well as help your dog staying cool, especially during the hot summer.

See, we have a tradition of shaving our dogs during summer. But what you may fail to realize is that shaving your pooch will make her miss the benefits of insulation usually offered by natural furs.

The overheating condition is dire and might cause significant skin damage, especially when the canines are exposed to the direct harsh sun rays. In particular, the most affected canines are those with light-colored skin.

Light clothing them, on the other hand, will help them to keep cool and prevent the direct exposure to the sun rays

It’s not a surprise to see police and athletic dogs wearing clothes during summer while at work.



Getting your furry friend will enhance their cleanliness and neatness.

Clothes will act as a barrier or rather a buffer against the dirt, especially when your dog goes out. The clothes will ensure that your puppy will drag less of the dirt from outside into your home.

Clothes will also come in handy if your dog rolls on the ground or in something. Her clothes will bear the brunt of the onslaught.

And more importantly, it will mean fewer bath sessions for you and your dog.



Seniors usually have a weakened immune system, and this makes them get plagues by medical conditions easily.

Conditions such as arthritis are usually triggered by cold weather, and so, by getting your elderly friend some clothes will help in keeping her snug during the cold evenings, and consequently, help her to avoid some of these conditions.



Dressing up your dog is beneficial in several ways.

The only obvious danger of clothing your dog is when they suffer from the effects of overheating during hot weather. But you can always avoid that by paying closer attention to your dog, and if you notice them drinking lots of water or wagging their tongues out, you will need to take off the clothing.

Another thing is to always ensure that you get your dog clothes that she can freely move in, and will keep their back region free to go to the bathroom. If you’re unsure of what clothing and size will fit your furry friend, visit for the collection of the ideal dog outfits.




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