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Top 5 Tips to Keeping Your House Clean with a Dog

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Your home cleaning challenges may vary depending on the breed of your dog.

Most commonly, pet owners have to deal with hair, paw prints, and mud to some extent. Your pet dog may be a fantastic company, pet shavings, droppings, urine stains on the carpet, are the common problems that dog pet owners face every day. Fortunately, here are some surefire ways to keep your home clean when you are keeping a dog. Listed below are some tips to maintain cleanliness at home with a dog.


1.  Bathe Your Dog Regularly

How often you have to bathe your pet depends on the activities of your dog, and how soon he gets smelly. Generally, it is recommended to bathe your dog once a month but if you bring him out most often, you may need to bathe him twice a month.  Use a good pet shampoo so that he smells good after a bath. Also, when you remove the dirt while grooming your dog means that dirt will not be lying around your house. Also, a quick wash down to your dog with plain water can make a huge difference. Your dog may also require trimming depending on his breed.

2.  Invest in a Quality Vacuum Cleaner

A good vacuum cleaner can help you quickly clean up the pesky hairs and banish odors. Invest in a quality vacuum cleaner with an extra-strong suction and quality filter to pull the pet hair out. Also, keep in mind the type of flooring in your house while buying a vacuum cleaner, and if your dog goes on the furniture, get the vacuum cleaner that works on the furniture too. Clean out the vacuum filter after using a vacuum to avoid spreading the smell of pet hair whenever you vacuum.

3. Use Pee Pads for Your Pups

Puppy pee pads are essential to avoid the hassle of cleaning up the potty and pee accidents in your home. Potty training pads is a tool that can help make potty training your pup a lot easier. Puppy pads offer a lot of conveniences when it comes to keeping your home stain and odor-free. Moreover, best puppy pee pads offer simple maintenance and cleanup. You only have to toss the previous pad and lay down another. You can also use pee pads part-time or full time to suit the needs and lifestyle of your pup.

4.  Keep the Paws Clean

Before you bring your dog out for a walk, keep a shallow container filled with water and a towel by your door. When the walk is over, make your dog dip each of his paws into the water and use a towel to dry his paws off before you let him enter the home. This tip is especially helpful when you bring your dog for a walk during the winter months when driveways and sidewalks are covered with ice-melting chemicals.

5.  Always Keep an Emergency Cleaner on Hand

Make a solution by mixing half water, half vinegar, and a drop of dish wash soap, and fill it in a squirt bottle. This solution will work on everything from floors to your new suede sofa for removing stains quickly. Make sure that you clean up any vomit or urine stains right away to maintain the hygiene of your home.

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