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Would You Use an Automatic Dog Feeder?

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automatic dog feeder
Wagz Serve Smart Feeder (PRNewsfoto/Wagz)

 Wagz, Inc., the connected pet lifestyle company, introduces the Wagz™ Serve Smart Feeder—the only dog feeder that delivers the right nutrition at the right time, and keeps you connected to your pup from anywhere.

The Wagz™ Serve Smart Feeder eliminates the most common pet lover concerns surrounding nutrition with intelligent serving technology that allows pet owners to control everything from their smartphone. The new feeder raises the bar for what is possible in an exploding smart pet product space that has modern pet owners looking for more practical and integrated solutions.

As part of a greater system of connected Wagz™ solutions that will include smart collars, dog doors, water dishes and more; the video-enabled smart feeder automatically feeds the right amount, to the right pup, at the right time. More than just an automatic feeder, the device pairs with the soon-to-launch Wagz™ Explore Smart Collar to portion food based on the precise activity levels of each individual dog. It knows when you’re running low and can automatically order more food to be shipped to your door before you run out.

“Dog owners know that their pets have different levels of activity every day, but don’t always know how it should translate to portion size,” said Terry Anderton, CEO of Wagz, Inc. “Our new smart feeder is loaded with proprietary technology that feeds the right amount of food at the right time, and automates mealtime, but it’s really about one thing—eliminating real-life worries that get in the way of enjoying more fun, hugs and wags with your best bud.”

The Wagz™ Serve Smart Feeder can be loaded with any food (7mm or more), but also accepts new Whello™ smart food boxes that easily snap into the feeder. Using the feeder (and Whello™ food cartridges) challenges the need/practicality of giant bags of dog food by eliminating the hassle of lugging around heavy bags and the loss of most of the food’s nutritional value long before it lands into a dog’s dish. Feeding from smaller packages guarantees more nutrition, freshness, and less waste.

Serve Smart Feeder features and functionality include:

  • Portion Control and Calorie Allocation
    When synced with the soon-to-launch Wagz Explore Smart Collar, feeder recommends and dispenses the right amount of food for your dog’s unique size and activity levels.
  • Built-in Replenishment
    Smart monitoring detects when food levels are low, and automatically reorders food to your doorstep.
  • Automatic Dispenser
    Ditch the scooping and set unique feeding schedules from your smartphone to automatically feed your dog from anywhere, anytime.
  • Feeds the Right Dog in Multi-Dog Household 
    Included smart pendant recognizes each unique dog and instantly covers food when another dog approaches.
  • Sound Alert
    Let your dog know it’s dinnertime with an automated sound, whether you are at home, or on the go.
  • Built-in HD Video Camera
    Interact with your dog on the go, and see for yourself that they’re eating properly while you’re away.
  • Whello™ Smart Nutrition
    Buh bye bags, welcome Whello. New smart boxes snap into the feeder to deliver super-premium nutrition without the waste and hassle of giant dog food bags.
  • Each standard Wagz™ Serve Smart Feeder comes with a smart pendant, a 19-cup hopper, and a free app. Optional monthly subscription options to store data. Wagz Explore Smart Collar ships Q3 2018.

Wagz™ is on a mission to develop a fully integrated pet care system that makes it easier for pet owners to deliver the best life for their best friends – all managed through one simple app. At the heart of the Wagz™ system is the Explore Smart Collar (available in Q3 2018) which connects with a suite of products including the Serve Smart Feeder, Go Smart Door, Play Smart Treat Dispenser, Drink Smart Water Dish, and more.

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