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What is The Cost of a Bernedoodle?

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The friendly and very popular mixed breed, Bernedoodle is a hybrid between the poodle and the Bernese mountain dog.

This designer breed is loving, tolerant, loyal, and makes perfect family pets. Their smart and energetic nature coupled with a beautiful exterior made of multicolored coats and long curls makes them one of the best family dogs in America.

The most wonderful aspect of this breed is that it inherits the genetics of its parents including hypoallergenic and non-shedding qualities. Families having Bernedoodle as pets do not have to bear allergic reactions or worry about shedding dog hair. No wonder the demand for this special breed, Bernedoodle is very high along with their price.


Info on Bernedoodle Cost

Bernedoodle is a crossbreed, despite this fact, it is one of the top-priced doodle pet dogs because of their pretty coats. Bernedoodle puppies for sale may range anywhere between $500 to $5000 when you are purchasing it. Rates may differ when you plan to adopt it.

The regular price of Bernedoodle puppy through a reliable and certified dog breeder can be around $2500 to $5000. If you desire unique doodles like Merle or a mini Bernedoodle, you may have to shell out a lot more cash. You may have to pay around $4000 or more for unique or special Bernedoodles. Small-sized Bernedoodles can cost more as they are elusive and also difficult to breed.


Price ratings of Bernedoodles in the United States

  • In the Colorado region. the Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles are priced at $3,750
  • In the Ohio region, the Buckeye Ridge Bernedoodles are priced at around $4500
  • In Florida, the Furry Babies Bernedoodles are priced at around $3850


Bernedoodle Adoption

People with a limited budget can easily adopt or rescue a Bernedoodle. Mostly, the adoption rate will be around a hundred to five hundred dollars. You can get valid info on Bernedoodle adoption or rescue via online sources. Once you adopt, you may have to give the pending shots, medications, or get them neutered. All these can cost extra, but you have to bear all these expenses.

However, it is not easy to find this breed to adopt or rescue. If you wish to adopt a Bernedoodle, you may have to actively investigate the local society and animal shelters. You can also search via online social media platforms to see whether anyone has doodle types put up for adoption.


Factors that Influence Bernedoodle Puppy Price

  • Coat Color – This breed offers lovely coat color combinations. Some coat colors are very unique and striking. For instance, a tri-colored doodle such as a Merle or a Phantom Bernedoodle can cost much more than a single-colored or even double-colored one. You can expect to pay 1000 or 2000 dollars more just to get a Bernedoodle with a unique and amazing color coat.
  • Good Demand – Bernedoodle breeds are some of the most favored crossbreed doodles you may ever find. Dog breeders do not get to breed a large number of dogs as it can affect the health of the dogs. Nevertheless, breeders increase the price of the Bernedoodle puppies to cover their costs. Due to constant demand, breeders manage to meet their price target when it comes to selling Bernedoodle puppies.
  • Breeder Popularity – If the breeder is a star performer and popular, it can increase the price of the puppy. When you get a doodle puppy from a good breeder, you can be assured of all the health tests and the quality of the pups. Every reputed breeder does health tests on his adult dogs to prove the health status of their hearts, eyes, and skins of the parent dogs.
  • Size of the Bernedoodle – There are three primary sizes of this breed; mini, medium, and standard Bernedoodle. And within the mini doodles,, you can get cute teacup micro-mini-sized pups. Small-sized Bernedoodles can cost a lot more than medium and standard-sized Bernedoodles. A tri-colored teacup-sized Bernedoodle can cost more than five thousand dollars.

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, the Bernedoodle puppy price also depends on the trustworthy nature of the breeder. You can get cheated by approaching the wrong kind of cheap breeders who supply low-priced Bernedoodles that may have many health problems or purity issues. You may buy cheap, and later shell out more money to cover the glaring health costs. When you are getting a Bernedoodle puppy, it is a long-term investment of ten to fifteen years. So, you need to make doubly sure that you are buying a good-quality pet from an honest breeder.

Your home location and geographical area can impact the Bernedoodle price by a few hundred dollars. For example, when you purchase Bernedoodle in New York City or the California area, you may have to pay more. When you buy from a dog breeder in the Midwest area, the price will be lesser. It is advisable to gather info about the several factors that affect the Bernedoodle price so that you are armed with good knowledge. Otherwise, it can be quite challenging to select a Bernedoodle puppy without being aware of related factors.

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