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VIDEO: Polar Bear Lovingly Pets Dog Caught on Camera

This polar bear wonders what kind of creature he's happened upon. He lovingly pets him while curiously investigating him. The owner said he was talking 2...

VIDEO: This is the Most Adorable Squishy-Faced Dog The World Has Seen

When kids ask why the dog is so ugly, this fur mom has a perfect response. "He's actually a bit more beautiful than the other...

VIDEO: Dog with Tongue Permanently Stuck Out Gets Rescued by Loving Family

"A face only a mother could love." But we love her, too! This adorable, tiny pup has a tongue that's permanently stuck hanging out. After getting rescued,...

VIDEO: Dog Affirms He’s Beautiful While Starring at Himself in Mirror

Binky the min pin-chihuahua mix likes to reassure himself every now and then. Looking into the mirror, he gazes at his beautiful reflection. He sniffs...

Minature Puppy Ever Eating Strawberry

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IbN-vTCrr4 // The level of cuteness in the video above is almost too hard to handle! This tiny, tiny puppy enjoys his first strawberry and he's...


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