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VIDEO: Dog Smells Owner in Air After Months Away WOW

Have you ever been away for a long period of time and your dog is super excited when you get back? These dogs are so...

VIDEO: Tortoise Kicks Basketball, Insisting Dog Plays Back

When you throw a ball for a dog, they run and hurry to bring it back. Surely, they can't be friends with someone so slow. But...

VIDEO: Dog Steals Hose From Owner and Chases Him with It

Well, don't bring a water hose anywhere near this dog. That's because he'll steal it and use it against you. In this funny dog video below,...

VIDEO: Watch These Dogs Get Confused and Annoyed By Bird Brothers

When we think of our dogs having siblings, we often envision other dogs or maybe even a human baby. ... But what about a parrot? In...

VIDEO: Heroic Dog Rescues Canine Friend Trapped on Abandoned Boat

You'll want this pup by your side whenever you go boating! In the cute dog video below, a dog whimpers and cries as he tries...

VIDEO: Golden Retriever Completely Adores Tiny Puppy Brother From First Sight

This golden retriever has a new brother and he's never been happier! The tiny pup was a rescue brought home by his canine parents. The...

VIDEO: Golden Retriever Gets Immeasurably Jealous When Mom Hugs Dog Brother

Dogs love love and they want it all to themselves. In this cute video, a golden retriever gets very jealous when his mom hugs his...


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