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165+ Halloween Dog Names So Scary You’ll Pee Your Pants


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Halloween dog names

If you’re getting a dog during Halloween season, you could name him Sparky.

Or Fido.

Or Bella.

Or some other generic-sounding name. But why not take advantage of the fact your dog was born or came to you during fall or Halloween?

It will be fun to use every year when the season comes around and you can reminisce about the first time you ever met your best pal.

And, let’s admit, the name will make him look bad@ss all year around.

In this post, we’re listing over 160 Halloween dog names you can consider for your newfound canine BFF.


Benefits of Halloween Dog Names

Naming your dog after something Halloween-themed has its advantages and disadvantages. Here, we’re covering why someone would choose such a name.

First, naming your dog something more obscure could give him the attention most dogs only dream of. For example, imagine two identical dogs who act the same way. One’s name is Fido and the other’s is Fog. Who is more likely to get pet? I’m going to bet Fog will get far more belly rubs from the crowd.

Another benefit could be how people perceive you because of how you named your dog. Let’s say you want your dog to be the ultimate protector and to tackle anyone who threatens or hurts you. Imagine the potential attacker being fake friendly and approaching you, asking your dog’s name. Which is going to scare him off more? A dog named Bella or a dog named Bones? Again, I’m going to say Bones takes the win here. Of course, in reality, a dog name won’t stop a deranged attacker. But it could… make you feel… more safe anyway? Just sayin’

Or, maybe you just hate talking to strangers and you’re someone who doesn’t like making small talk with other dog owners. While a name like “Fido” says “come chat, Karen,” the name “Bullet” says “get the F out of my way.” (Even if you don’t choose a Halloween-themed dog name, this would be an interesting experiment, no?).

Let’s take another Halloween dog name for example, like the name “Witch.” While you may be into using your magik for good, others may see the name “witch” as a bad omen. As such, they could be more likely to just leave you alone on your walks of solitude.

Point being, people are less likely to talk to you when your dog is named something scary or spooky. Instead of depleting your small-talk quota, they’re more likely to think you’re an unfriendly person and move along walking their dog.

Another scenario: Your dog is about the partake in the fight of his life against another dog and he’s trembling and sweating. Before he gets in his first pawpunch, he barks his name loud enough for all the land to hear. His name “Bullet” bark-echoes through the sky and his opponent is suddenly too intimidated to fight. Now, all dogs are safe because of his intelligently-chosen Halloween dog name.

One real reason you may want to give your dog a Halloween name is because it represents something about YOUR personality. For example, perhaps you name your dog “Witchy” because you love Wicca and nature and all the good magik it brings. Then, surely that name will mean something deep to you and tell others something important about your personality or interests.

The most sensical reason for giving your dog a Halloween-themed name: Hey, maybe you just like fall season.


Be Careful with Halloween Dog Names Though…

Halloween dog names

We just have you multiple reasons why you should give your dog a Halloween dog name. But now we’re giving you reasons why you may want to re-think that.

First, you want to be sure the name is something that you’ll use all year around. For example, Ghoul is the perfect name to give your dog in the month of October. It’s timely and he fits right into the season. But calling him “Ghoul” during the holiday season makes it seem like he’s the ghost of Christmas past. And calling him that in the summer… well, people may just ask you to repeat his name 5 times before giving up, wondering why you’d name a dog something like that.

Another thing to consider is if your dog’s name will be a constant source of conversation. In the section above, we said a scary dog name may lessen small-talk from fellow dog walkers. But there’s some cases where the opposite could be true. For example, if people always ask you to explain why you’d name your dog “Ghoul,” that’s going to get annoying after the third time. And in that way, you could actually be inviting yourself into more conversations than necessary.

You may shrug this off, but it’s an important point if you’re an introvert like me. I thought it would be hilarious to name my dog Binky. It was. But you know what’s not hilarious? The number of times I need to say his name before someone pretends to understand it.

“Did you say Inky?”



And the only one I’ll actually correct because it’s a stupid name (sorry)…



Just a word of caution that this daily convo can be avoided if you choose something more generic, even if it’s less exciting. Just a thought.

And yet another thing to think about is how people could wrongly perceive you based on how you name your dog. A name like “bullet” sounds tough and as such, the wrong crowd may be attracted to you for the wrong reasons. I’m not saying your dog’s name is going to score you an “invite” to the Bloods and Crips. But what I am saying is that a more generic name could draw less attention.

Last, another thing to think about is whether people will actually call your dog by his Halloween name. For example, if you name your dog after a character, such as “Jack Skellington,” you can pretty much bet people will NEVER call him by that full name. Instead, he’ll be referred to as “Jack” which is far lamer than what you’d envisioned. In these cases, you should also consider whether you’d like the nickname most people would give your dog. For example, if you name your dog “Bogeyman,” the name Bogey still sounds adorable at any time of the year.


140+ Halloween Dog Names

Halloween dog names

Want to pay homage to Halloween or the fall season by giving your dog a spooky name? Here’s some ideas to get you started.

  1. Bullet
  2. Ghoul
  3. Ghost
  4. Goblin
  5. Haunty
  6. Haunter
  7. Haunt
  8. Apple
  9. Witch
  10. Raven
  11. Cape
  12. Witchy
  13. Fangs
  14. Devil
  15. Poltergeist
  16. Blaze
  17. Broomstick
  18. Corn
  19. Zombie
  20. Psycho
  21. Salem
  22. Rosemary
  23. Crown
  24. Reaper
  25. Noir
  26. Phantom
  27. Mars
  28. Hocus
  29. Pocus
  30. Ninja
  31. Werewolf
  32. Wolf
  33. Scarecrow
  34. Spell
  35. Monster
  36. Spice
  37. Eve
  38. Cauldron
  39. Samhain (pronounced sow-in)
  40. Gremlin
  41. Trouble
  42. Onyx
  43. Spirit
  44. Rain
  45. Boo
  46. Night
  47. Rascal
  48. Snickers
  49. Eerie
  50. Saffron
  51. Maple
  52. Luna
  53. Creeper
  54. Stone
  55. Trick
  56. Trickster
  57. Treat
  58. Pumpkin
  59. Howler
  60. Joker
  61. October
  62. Willow
  63. Merlin
  64. Pandora
  65. Potion
  66. Batman
  67. Sorcerer
  68. Magik
  69. Medusa
  70. Fright
  71. Crystal
  72. Maize (Maze)
  73. Orangey
  74. Spider
  75. Cloak
  76. Troll
  77. Thunder
  78. Sage
  79. Snarl
  80. Lief (Leaf)
  81. Bones
  82. Twilight
  83. Willow
  84. Shadow
  85. Hex
  86. Stormy
  87. Vixen
  88. Eclipse
  89. Thorn
  90. Surprise
  91. Psychic
  92. Wizard
  93. Clove
  94. Fog
  95. Hunter
  96. Cobweb
  97. Forest
  98. Mummy
  99. Cadaver
  100. Cinnamon
  101. Crow
  102. Hazel
  103. Spooks
  104. Carver
  105. Rusty
  106. Breezy
  107. Tears
  108. Knight
  109. Cider
  110. Topaz
  111. Blood
  112. Tarot
  113. Oujia
  114. Moon
  115. Butterscotch
  116. Killer
  117. Patch
  118. Bogey
  119. Grim
  120. Blade
  121. Omen
  122. Pendulum
  123. Halloweenie (perfect for a dachshund name!)
  124. Gargoyle
  125. Autumn
  126. Birch
  127. Jinx
  128. Charm
  129. Bat
  130. Crescent
  131. Skeleton
  132. Beast
  133. Charcoal
  134. Astra
  135. Echo
  136. Nightmare
  137. Ripper
  138. Cackle
  139. Harvest
  140. Ashes


25+ Halloween Dog Names after Movie Characters

Halloween dog names

If you’re a big fan of Halloween movies and shows, take a look at these for some inspiration:

  1. Jack the Ripper
  2. Jack Skellington
  3. Frankenstein
  4. Dracula
  5. Grim Reaper
  6. Alien
  7. Yoda
  8. Casper
  9. Gizmo
  10. Stephen King
  11. Dexter
  12. Bogeyman
  13. Lucifer
  14. Buffy
  15. Freddy
  16. Exorcist
  17. Damien
  18. Sherlock
  19. Jack-o-Lantern
  20. Wednesday
  21. Norman
  22. Darth Vader
  23. Edward
  24. Cruella
  25. Hitchcock


Summary on Halloween Dog Names


If you’re getting a dog during the fall season, you may want to give him or her a Halloween dog name. Before you do that though, there’s a few things to think about. Will the name be suitable all year around. If not, will you care? Will others actually call them by that name? And, will the name invite more or less conversation? And are you ok with that? In summary, there’s pros and cons to choosing a Halloween dog name and the one you choose depends on you and what you’re comfortable with. In this post, we’ve outlined many names for your consideration.


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