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Why Your Dog Isn’t Shitting

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dog constipation, dog not pooping

As a dog owner, one of the many issues you may have to deal with is dog constipation. Your dog is eager to go outside, but after squatting you notice that he can’t poop. There are several causes of dog constipation and different ways to get him back to healthy pooping.

Here’s a rundown of the possible causes and fixes.


Cause: Too much or too little fiber

Just like humans, changes in a dog’s fiber intake can affect his bowel movements. If you’ve been feeding him a different diet, it could be that the food has more fiber than he’s used to, or doesn’t have enough fiber to give him healthy movements.


Fix: Increase or decrease fiber intake

If you changed your dog’s diet recently, go over the nutritional information of both the old and new food. If there’s a difference in the amount of fiber, you may have your answer. If you are trying to raise your dog’s fiber intake, do so slowly. Going from no fiber to a healthy fiber intake in one day can cause constipation. Slowly increase his fiber intake for a more natural transition.


Cause: Lack of exercise

Everyone needs to move to keep things working. If your pup is constipated, it may be because he’s not getting the exercise he needs. This could especially be the case if you’ve been busy lately and have cut down on his exercise time. If you’ve downsized and moved to a small apartment, your dog may be feeling the affects of not having a large backyard to play in.


Fix: Get more exercise

Take your dog for more frequent and longer walks. For a higher intensity workout, play some fetch with your dog in the park.


Cause: Dehydration

If your dog doesn’t drink enough water, he will be constipated. Keeping him hydrated keeps things moving within his body.


Fix: Rehydrate

Ensure that your dog gets enough water each day. Check frequently to ensure that his water bowl is always full. If you’re absent during the day, purchase an automatic water dispenser or have someone stop by to check on him. After an intense game of fetch, watch to make sure that he hydrates afterward.


Cause: Matted hair cover anus

If you haven’t got your dog groomed in a long time, the lack of grooming could be causing your pup some trouble pooping.


Fix: Get your dog groomed

If you see that your dog’s hair is matted around his anus, get him groomed. If your dog can suddenly poop afterward, you know what the problem was.


Cause: Block anal sacs, enlarged prostate gland or medication side effect

There are various other problems that could be causing your dog to be constipated. If you’re dog recently started a new medication, it’s likely that it could be the cause.


Fix: See your vet

If you’re not sure why your dog isn’t pooping, it could be any of the above reasons and more. However, these aren’t issues you can fix yourself. These issues will need to be handled by a professional. Depending on the cause, your vet may be prescribed stool softeners, a high-fiber diet or your vet could simply tell you to feed him Metamucil or other high-fiber products.

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