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Dog Toy Subscription Box Offers “CHEWsurance.” WHAT!?


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dog toy subscription

Pet owners tired of buying their dogs chew toys, only to see them quickly destroyed, now have a more affordable way to replace those toys with the launch of CHEWsurance.

The subscription service, available through FamilyPet, makes it super easy to replace your dog’s destroyed toys. Snap a photo of the toy, upload it to the CHEWsurance, and within a few days a new toy is delivered right to your door! It’s a simple, affordable and fast way to replace toys and provide added peace of mind to dog owners everywhere.

“We all love our dogs, but it can be time-consuming and expensive to constantly replace our dog’s toys after they have been chewed to pieces. Sometimes, that can happen in matter of hours,” says Andrew Pollack, President of FamilyPet.
“With CHEWsurance, you can rest easy and let your dog chew away! We are thrilled to offer this new subscription service to dog owners across the country and around the world.”

The purchasing team at CHEWsurance is made up of dog lovers who know how to pick special toys for each animal based on size, breed and other factors. When it comes to replacements, subscribers may pick from plush, chew, tug or fetch toys.

CHEWsurance also offers three different “Pawlicies.” These include CHEWstarter, which allows for one replacement per month, CHEWstandard, (two per month) and CHEWmaster (five per month). All plans are affordably priced and come with the same level of expert care from the CHEWsurance team.

“The days of shopping for new toys are over. CHEWsurance is here!” said Pollack. “Best of all, you’ll likely end up saving a considerable amount of money and time by not having to run to the store every time your dog destroys his or her latest toy.”

To learn more about CHEWsurance and to learn how you can sign up today, go to

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