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Why Dogs Eat Socks and How to Stop Them


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dog socks

Dogs do eat some of the strangest things and a nasty sock is no different.

Your dog will consume it. In fact, what looks nasty and disgusting to you, looks edible to them. for this reason, do not blame your dog too much when you find one of your sock missing. Many dog owners will tell you that it is pretty natural.

However, if you are still wondering why dogs eat socks, below are five reasons. The truth is that socks are not flavorful and they are definitely not part of a dog’s diet. Therefore, why are dogs interested in stealing as well as eating socks?

  • It Loves Stealing Socks
  • Boredom
  • It loves you
  • You are untidy
  • It suffers from separation anxiety


 1. It Loves Stealing Socks

It is important to note that dogs do not steal or eat a sock because they are hungry; but because it feels good. For example, puppies chewing on things is part of their teething process. As for fully grown dogs, the action of chewing is as irresistible as chewing gum for man. If you can’t stop it and want to add a touch of irony, then why not give him your sacred lovimals socks with his face on it to chew.


2. Boredom

When a dog is bored, it will look for something that will excite it. if your dog is bored, below are things that may happen:

  • Develop blast eating
  • Begins chewing on anything they see such as furniture, clothes, shoes, etc.
  • Feel the need to escape

To avoid these behaviors that are triggered by boredom, it is wise to always ensure the dog is always getting enough exercises. At the same time, getting dog toys and paying attention to your dog does help prevent boredom. It is also wise to equip your dog with a GPS device to avoid it venturing to new places without being able to get home. This technique will help you monitor its movement.


3. It Loves You

Everyone loves a clean sock. But this does not apply to our furry friends. Dogs would rather have your dirtiest, nastiest, gym sock than a clean one. This can simply be explained through their biology. Dogs sometimes use scent to communicate. For example, male dogs urinate around to mark their territory. Female dogs excrete a scent that indicates that they are ready for matting. A pack of wolves uses scent to recognize a pack member.

Dogs will take your sock because it simply loves you. therefore, if you truly want to know if your dog loves you, look for holes in your socks, shoes, or clothe. Through your smell, dogs feel closer to you and that is why they prefer your dirty socks.


4. You Are Untidy

dog socks

If your room is not clean and your laundry is in your dog’s reach, then you should not blame it. it may not be knowing that chewing on things laying on the floor is bad. Therefore, to avoid this problem, consider tidying up your home and rearranging things and making them out of reach. Doing this will help teach your dog on things that it should chew on and those it should NOT. Let this not apply to socks alone but all your laundry.


5. It Suffers From Separation Anxiety

Dogs are social animals and this is a fact. Therefore, when you leave them at home to go about your business, they miss you badly. It is common for dogs to experience social anxiety and they seek for something to comfort them. your sock might be one of them. they serve as a security blanket.  This is because anything that has your scent helps them calm down when you are absent.  This does not mean that they will forget about you, so forget about laundry and simply take them for a walk.

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