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How to Deal with Long Dog Nails: Trim Like A Pro!

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Are you having trouble with trimming your beloved dog’s nails?

I know how challenging it can be sometimes. It can get hard, but you should never stop trimming your dog’s nails. It’s one of the most important parts of their grooming session; skipping it would only hurt your pet.

You don’t want your furry friend to be in pain now, do you?

If you are confused with how to deal with long dog nails then you’ve come to the right place today. I’ve compiled this article just to help you out with your problem. So, let’s see how you can deal with long dog nails!


What Are The Effects of Long Dog Nails?

If you think that, trimming is useless, and your dog doesn’t need it in any way, then you’re wrong to a whole another level.

Whether you like the process or not, you should always trim your dog’s nails. If you don’t, your dog can develop serious health issues. Let’s see what could be the end result.


Causes Pain

Walking or running with long nails would eventually become painful for your dog. The long dog nails are pushed inside every time they touch the ground. After some time this would start to swell.

This would also make the toes to twist up or pressure the joints to the point where it starts to ache. Don’t let it go unnoticed; it could become arthritic. Thus, after some time, their paws would start to hurt with even the slightest interaction.


Strains the Muscles

Dogs were previously wild animals. Almost all the animals define gravity with their nerves. They sense the change of the ground through the sensations and relatively change their walking style and posture.

As wild dogs were active, years and years ago, their nails were naturally short because of their schedules. But, whenever they climbed a mountain, the toenails touched the ground and they changed their postures based on that.

Although dogs are now domestic animals, they didn’t leave their wild habits behind. So, whenever your dog’s toenail touches the ground, they instantly change their posture and put more pressure on the forelimbs.

This strains their muscles eventually. And, after some time they have difficulty walking or even standing up.

But, you can easily avoid this situation by trimming your dog’s long nails.

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How to Deal with Long Dog Nails: The Trimming Guide

As I mentioned the side effects of not trimming your dog’s nails, you should start trimming the nails by now. Just follow the steps below to trim the nails from the start.


Before the actual trimming, make sure your dog is exposed to the trimmer. If he’s not prepared, he could freak out and the process would become much more difficult than usual.

Thus, show him the trimmer and then treat him for acting nicely. Also, make sure you use a good trimmer and not a cheap one from the market.


Once you are sure your dog wouldn’t get frightened at the sight of the trimmer, you need to trim it short. For that, grab the dog’s paw in your hand gently, but firmly.

Take the trimmer and cut a small portion of the nail in an upward angle. Take small steps at a time to make sure he’s comfortable with it.


You should stop cutting the nails when you see the white part inside. Avoid cutting the ‘quick’ (blood vessel in the nail) and hurting your dog in the process.

Moreover, be patient. Cutting it in a hurry could result in a disaster.

Note: Depending on the growth of your pet’s nails, you should at least cut it within three weeks.


Trimming Long Dog Nails: Excessive Long Nails

Now that you know how to cut your dog’s long nails, you need to know what to do when you haven’t maintained it for a long time.

Usually, when your furry friend has excessive long nails, you need to take the high roads for that. Having longer nails will cause the quick to grow longer toward the tip.

So, if you cut the nail short in this case, the nails will start to bleed and your dog will suffer from pain and infection.

Start by, trimming the edged by little on the first try. After that, trim the nails within 7 to 10 days. This will make the quick to dry up and shrink inside the nail.

After that, trim it regularly to make it short. This is an effective way to cut the nails of your dog.


Go For a Pro if You Are Afraid to Trim It on Your Own

If by any chance you ignored the trimming sessions or you are afraid to cut it on your own, then go to a pro. Professionals would definitely know how to deal with this grooming need. And, by seeing them cut it you can learn the process too!

Although, it could get a bit costly for you.


What to Do If You Accidentally Cut the Quick?

This accident could happen if you are doing it for the first time. So, if you see blood coming out of the nail, first of all, don’t freak out.

Your dog will probably yelp and bleed a little, but it would heal.

That’s why treat your dog immediately if this happens. This will calm him down a bit. Then, quickly use a small amount of styptic powder or corn starch on the nail. It will stop the bleeding and heal it quickly.

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Don’t Be Afraid, Trim the Nails Regularly

Don’t think about your fears with trimming, but think about the side effects your lovely pooch could have if you don’t.

Why it’s best to trim? It’s because:

  • Your dog will feel more comfortable while walking or running.
  • He won’t strain his muscles or be in pain.
  • You’ll get to bond with him over these sessions and induce a mutual trust.
  • It will make them look more stunning.

Trim your fears away and help your dog lead a healthy lifestyle.

Are you a Pro at this? Comment and share your pro tips in the comment. I’d love to know about them.



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