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Dog Valentine Puns fur Your Cards: Huge List of Sayings

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Struggling with what to write in your Valentine’s Day card? Should you go with something sweet or funny?

Or… maybe you should just write a dog Valentine puns and call it a day.

In this post, you’ll learn some pretty pawesome dog puns that will be hilarious to your Valentine.

We recommend buying, printing off or making a card with a dog on the front so that the puns make sense. If your partner really loves puns, put one on the front and one in the card.

Dog Valentine Puns: The Words

There are so many dog pun words that you can use to develop your own Valentine’s Day saying that tailored to the person receiving the card. If you’re not feeling creative, we give you some full ideas in the next section.

  • Furever
  • Furtunately
  • Offur
  • Diffurent
  • Furocious
  • Whatevfur
  • Refur
  • Furgot/furget
  • Comfurtable
  • Pawesome
  • Pawsitively
  • Pawsibility/Pawsibly
  • Pawnder
  • Impawsible
  • Pawspurr
  • Impawfection
  • Pawfect
  • Faux-paw
  • Pawful
  • Oppawtunity
  • Pawsing
  • Pawty
  • Compawssion
  • Somepawdy
  • Ruff (rough, roof)
  • Mutts (nuts)
  • Ultimutt
  • Fetching (looking fetching)
  • Corgeous (corgi)
  • Pugness
  • Puggle
  • Collie (Collie you later)
  • Mastiff (massive)
  • Bone APetTreat
  • Rebarkable
  • Adogable
  • Petential
  • Pupcorn

Dog Valentine Puns: The Sayings

Feel free to copy any of these sayings onto your cards! You can also combine them to make something overly punny.

  • You always look so fetching.
  • It’s been a ruff year, but I’m glad I had the oppawtunity to spend it with you.
  • It’s Valentine’s Day! Raise the ruff!
  • Oh my pugness! It’s Valentine’s Day!
  • Love is hard and the puggle is real. But you pawsatively pawesome!
  • Hope you’re having a great Valentine’s Day! I’ll collie you tonight.
  • When I first saw you, I had to paws and stare.
  • Pawndering how I met someone like you.
  • I’m glad you seen my petential.
  • I’m so happy I met somepawdy like you.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to someone so pawesome and compawssionate.
  • I know our love with last furever.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to somepawdy diffurent than the rest!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to a Furocious lover!
  • I love you so much and I’ll never furget you.
  • You’re one of a kind. It’s impawsible to find someone like you!
  • I often pawnder how I got someone like you.
  • A day without you would be just pawful.
  • You make my heart go mutts!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day Corgeous!
  • Hope you enjoy our dinner! Bone APetTreat!
  • Hope you enjoy our movie night! Grab the pupcorn!
  • You are the ultimutt boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks for looking past my inpawfections.
  • Having you in my life has been a mastiff relief.
  • I love you so much I could bark it from the wooftops
  • For years, I was barking up the wrong tree. But I found my furever soulmate with you.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day! Are you ready to pawty!
  • Falling in love with you is the best offur I’ve ever had!
  • I’ve never been so comfurtable around someone.
  • I know you hate Valentine’s Day, but I’m here to cheer you pup!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to a Pawfect boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to someone so adogable!
  • I love you! That’s fur sure!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to someone so pawsative and rebarkable.

Cards for Dog Valentine Puns

  • When it comes to what card you should put your pun into, there’s a few options.
    Printable cards— A cheap option, especially if you’re handing out a bunch of Valentine’s Day cards. You can print off free cards here or search for printable ones on Pinterest.
  • Make your own— Get into the creative spirit and make a card by hand! If your child is handing out cards to their classmates, this can be a fun activity for them, too! You can draw a dog or include a picture of your own dog on the front. Good with computers? Photoshop your dog to look hilarious and festive for the day of love. Of course, you can make step it up with DIY Dog cards like this one.
  • Buy cards— You can go to your local card store and search for a Valentine’s Day card with a dog on it. The only downfall here is that there’s probably already sayings in the card. However, you can always add an extra line featuring your glorious pun.
  • Amazon cards— Amazon has some dog cards that are blank inside or with very little writing. These are great options too. Check out this Valentine’s one or these blank dog cards.

Summary: Dog Valentine Puns

Add some fun into your day of love using these dog Valentine puns. Write them inside your card for your dog-loving friend or partner. Everyone who’s cool loves a good pun!

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