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Here’s How COVID-19 Changed Your Dog And You


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dog covid19 research

If you had to guess, how do you think COVID-19 has affected the relationship between you and your pet?

According to recent research from, the pandemic has deepened bonds with our four-legged friends.

The survey polled 2,200 Americans—1,384 of which were pet owners—in early March.

As you might guess, those who got new pets during this time did so, in part, because of loneliness.

The second main finding: you’d do just about anything to save your pet. Even if it cost you a crap ton of money.


You & Your Dog & COVID-19

Curious to know how your relationship with your dog might have changed during the pandemic? Here’s what’s likely according to the survey:

  • 6/10 owners said they valued their pets more
  • 5/10 owners said they were being more affectionate with their pets
  • Over one-third of new pets were adopted from shelters
  • Two-thirds of owners trust their vet, saying they’d take their advice and recommended treatment (by contrast, only 15% of Americans have a “great deal” of confidence with the human medical system)
  • Two-thirds of owners said they’d take any measure to save their pet’s life, regardless of cost.


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