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Which Doggy Daycare Should You Choose? 7 Considerations

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When looking for a doggy daycare, it’s easy to find options but harder to know who to choose.

You want someone who will respect your dog and show him a good day. Although that can help narrow down the list, how do you choose between the remaining contenders?

Depending on your needs or preferences, there’s some other traits you should look for in a doggy daycare. Taking these things into consideration before you choose ensures that you pick the right one the first time.

In this post, we’re outlining 7 things to think about before choosing a doggy daycare.


#1 Dog Pickup

Although it may not be an essential service for you, it can be a lifesaver for busy pup parents. When you’re rushing out the door in the morning, you may not have time to drive your dog to daycare (especially if you have children to drive to school or daycare). Or, the best daycare for your needs may be located further away—making you choose between adding an extra 20 minutes to your morning or picking the lesser option. Some daycares offer “dog taxis” that deliver your dog to the facility and back.


#2 Grooming

It goes without saying that you’ll save a lot of time if your daycare also does your dog grooming. You don’t need to make unnecessary trips and wait around for it to be done. But, even better, your dog will likely be more comfortable getting pampered in a familiar place. This is a great idea for dogs with anxiety.


#3 Fun Time

A doggy daycare shouldn’t just “house” your dog—that’s what a “kennel” is for. Doggy daycares are meant to show your dog some fun during their stay. Look at which options are available. For example, do they have indoor or fenced-in outdoor exercise facilities? How do they schedule in playtime with humans and other dogs? What kind of games do they play?


#4 Safety and Security

You should feel comfortable leaving your dog at the daycare for extended periods of time. That means the dog daycare should be taking proper precautions. For example, if they have outdoor time, is it properly fenced in? If your dog is small, are there any overlooked spaces he can crawl under or over to escape? How do they introduce your dogs to other canines there? What’s their process with dogs don’t get along? It’s also worth asking if the daycare is CCTV monitored.


#5 Puppy Socialization

If you’re looking for daycare for a puppy, you must ask about what they do to socialize dogs. Although this is a good question to ask in any case, puppies need to be socialized early so they can carry those friendly skills into their adult life. If you’re dropping off your puppy every day and she’s not getting much socializing outside of the facility, you must make sure the daycare is doing enough.


#6 Dealing with Problems

If your dog has a specific concern, you should ask daycares how they’ll deal with it in advance. For example, if you have a shy and anxious dog, a daycare can really bring them out of their shell. However, if those problems are ignored, caretakers can make it worse. Before committing to a facility, ask how they’ll help your pup overcome those issues.


#7 Their Update Process

Different daycares have different ways of updating you about your dog. For example, some have “doggy report cards” that tell you how she’s behaving and progressing. To take it a step further, others have private Facebook groups that upload pictures of the dogs daily. That can be a great way to feel connected to your dog, ease your own anxieties and have evidence of the fun activities she’s doing.

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