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Foods that Your Dog Should Never Eat

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Most of the people don’t pay much attention to what their dogs eat.


They prefer buying the best dog collars, and everything that makes their dog stand out. Buying dog accessories to make your pet dog look good is a good practice. ForTheFurry provides all types of accessories for pets.  However, paying attention to food is very important. One cannot overlook the food of the dog and maintain the good health of the dog at the same time.

When it comes to paying attention to the food of dog, it is always important to know how much should you be feeding your dog? It is also essential to determine what your dog eats. Here we are going to tell you about the foods that your dog should completely avoid in order to stay healthy


#1 Coffee and Caffeine

It is important for every dog owner to know how dangerous it is to feed the dog with coffee or caffeine. Coffee and Caffeine both contain a chemical substance which is known as methylxanthines. This substance is very dangerous for the health of the dog.

Although chocolates contain very less amount of methylxanthines, it should be avoided. The black chocolate contains more of this chemical while the milk chocolate has the least. When coffee or caffeine is consumed by the dog, it causes diarrhea, vomiting, seizures, and death. Therefore, make sure that you completely make your dog avoid these foods.


#2 Undercooked Meat

The meat which is undercooked or in the raw form contains a bacterium that is harmful not only for humans but also for animals. According to research, eating raw meat or raw egg causes many skin problems.

Apart from uncooked meat, the uncooked bones are also very dangerous for dogs. These bones are very hard and inflexible and can cause choking. They can also get stuck in the digestive track thereby causing many problems


#3 Salty Foods

The salty food increases the thirst in the dog due to which it also suffers from the problem of excessive urination. The sodium ion present in the salt also becomes responsible for the food poisoning in dogs when the salt is consumed through salty foods. You will see your dog experiencing vomiting, diarrhea, seizures when it consumes salty food.

For better health of your dog, make sure that you don’t give the salty food to eat. Even If it eats inadvertently, take it to the veterinarian.


#4 Medicines

If your dog happens to consume any medicine that it is not supposed to for it, it can cause serious damage to the health. So, try to keep your medications away from your pet


#5 Garlic

It may be very surprising for you because your doctor may have recommended you to give a little amount of garlic to your dog because of its effectiveness. Consuming garlic in a small amount is good for dogs. However, make sure the dog does not consume it in large quantities since it kills the red blood cells.

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